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Play The Wizard's Notebook

The Wizard's Notebook

In The Wizard's Notebook, you are a stick man trying to reach the princess and save her. However, with the help of...

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  • Play Wacky Wordsearch

    Wacky Wordsearch


    Wacky Wordsearch is a word game that randomly generates a...

  • Play Wordspector



    Wordspector is an excellent online puzzle game that challenges you...

  • Play Word Machine

    Word Machine


    Word Machine - if you are looking for word games...

  • Play WORDIT



    Wordit is an addictive and engrossing online puzzle game that...

  • Play Qbox



    Who are the smartest animals in the animal world? Most...

  • Play Semantic Wars

    Semantic Wars


    Semantic Wars is an excellent online word game that takes...

  • Play Word Grid

    Word Grid


    This word game is exactly like a word search; only...

  • Play Word Kingdom

    Word Kingdom


    Word Kingdom is one of the most involved and wildly...

  • Play That Word Game

    That Word Game


    That Word Game is without a doubt one of the...

  • Play Wheel of Fortune

    Wheel of Fortune


    Wheel of Fortune is a word game that is similar...

  • Play JuggleType



    JuggleType is a curiously entertaining game presented by Altoids, "The...

  • Play Magic Words

    Magic Words


    You are some student in a fantasy world about letters....

  • Play Word Magnate

    Word Magnate


    Word Magnate is a unique and engrossing word game that...

  • Play The Amazing Puzzle Factory

    The Amazing Puzzle Factory


    The Amazing Puzzle Factory is a one-stop puzzle game for...

  • Play Clockwords: Act I

    Clockwords: Act I


    Clockwords: Act I is the continuation of Clockwords: Prelude. Clockwords...

  • Play ...palindromes...



    Palindromes is one of the most unique and engrossing word...

  • Play Hangaroo



    Hangaroo is a simple word game similar to the classic...

  • Play - Wordsmith -

    - Wordsmith -


    Wordsmith is an excellent online word game that will challenge...

  • Play Polyn



    Polyn is an adorable puzzle word game with cute graphics...

  • Play Prose and Motion

    Prose and Motion


    Prose and Motion is a physics game with elements of...

Recent Word Game Reviews

  • Zombie Typocalypse Thumbnail

    Zombie Typocalypse is a zombie game where it takes typing skills rather than weapons to deal with the undead (weapons...

  • Fast Typer 2 Thumbnail

    Fast Typer 2 is the sequel to the typing game, Fast Typer. Fast Typer 2 retains the basic premise of...

  • Letters Master Thumbnail

    Letters Master is a typing game where speed and accuracy are the keys to success. This typing game features simplistic...

  • Wordy Thumbnail

    Wordy is a word game that combines elements of Tetris and word searches. This word game features simple graphics, easy-to-learn...

  • Words and Physics Thumbnail

    Words and Physics is a unique word game with physics game elements, as its name implies. This word game features...

  • Word Cube Thumbnail

    Word Cube is a straightforward word game that is excellent for practicing the lexicon of the English language. This word...

  • JuggleType Thumbnail

    JuggleType is a curiously entertaining game presented by Altoids, "The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Mints". This typing game features clean...

  • Simpsons Crossword Thumbnail

    Do you consider yourself a die-hard fan of the famous animated series, "The Simpsons"? Are you a fan of crossword...

  • QWERTY Warriors Thumbnail

    QWERTY Warriors is a defense game where your survival rests upon your typing abilities. This typing game features excellent top-down...

  • QWERTY Warriors 2 Thumbnail

    QWERTY Warriors 2 is the sequel to the typing game, QWERTY Warriors. QWERTY Warriors 2 features improved graphics, five difficulty...

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Stick Figures And Word Games In One Neat Package

Stick figure games are fun...period! And if you are looking for top word games that combine the challenge and fun of stick figure games, then you are at the right place! For one thing, The Wizard's Notebook, one of the MOST popular stick figure and word game combinations, have made it to the top spot! The story? Save the princess! BUT what's a stick man to do? Well, A LOT especially when you have words to materialize and help you in your quest.

Word Games With Top Notch Graphics And Action Packed Story Line

We all want our games to be visually pleasing - even word games. And Clockwords: Act I is just that...AND MORE! Aside from the smooth graphics, the premise of this word game is action packed and simple to pick up: type out words and allow your robot cannon to shoot down those robotic spider bugs that get in the way. And to make it even sweeter, you get new power ups, mini game mode, and new high score system...making your gaming experience even better!

Blast From The Past!

Want to play classics like Hangman? What about Hang-a-Roo? I fell in love with those games too and one of the top word games we have is just like that...BUT a non stop version: Meaning Fall. It's a little generous since you have three lives. BUT when you fail to guess the word, it's all the same: hang him!

And we are NOT even getting started! Want to check out and play the top word games of the internet? Then register now and start playing at TopWordGames.com!