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4 Letter Word BnC Instructions

Enter guesses with the letter keys on your keyboard. When creating a puzzle, use 'space' to select bulls or cows and the number keys on your keyboard to enter the number of bulls or cows. Submit your answer by hitting 'enter'.

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4 Letter Word BnC is one of the absolute best word games online. It is fun, challenging and engrossing - and just a bit tricky to get the hang of when you first start playing. If you're looking for something light and fun with flashy graphics and cute animations, you should probably consider another game. If you're looking to put your logic skills to the test and really use your brain, this is the perfect game for you. The graphics are about as basic as they come and the goal put before you couldn't be easier to understand; although it will be different depending on what mode of game play you choose. In 'Practice Breaking' mode your challenge is simply to guess the four letter word the computer is thinking of. In 'Practice Making' mode, your challenge is to think of a four letter word and have your computer try to guess it. In 'Challenge Computer' mode, you will face off against your computer to try to get the lowest score. Regardless of what mode you play in, you'll be in for a challenge. For newcomers to word games, start out with 'Practice Breaking'. Once you have the hang of that, move on to 'Practice Making'. When you're feeling brave, challenge the computer. This isn't an easy game to win, but it is a lot of fun to play.

4 Letter Word BnC takes the classic logic game Bulls and Cows to the next level by turning it into a word game. You are given a limited number of turns to make your moves so use your guesses wisely. In Practice Breaking mode you only have to worry about making guesses and using logic and reasoning to figure out the most likely solution to the puzzle. Begin by guessing a four letter word. If you guessed any of the right letters in the right places, you will see gray dots appear by the word. These gray dots are bulls. They don't indicate what letter is in the correct spot, but rather that some of the four letters you guessed are in the right spot. If you guessed the right letter but in the wrong place, you will see white dots beside your word. These white dots are cows. They indicate you guess some of the right letters but in the wrong place. For example, say you guess 'Fits' And the word was 'Fist'. You would see two bulls and two cows. The bulls tell you that two of your letters are in the right place - in this example, the 'f' and the 'i'. The cows tell you that two of your letters are right but in the wrong spot - in this example, the 's' and the 't'. Use the bulls and the cows to figure out your next best move. Since you know all four letters are right but only two are in the right places, you need to use logical thinking to determine which letters are likely in the right spot and which ones need to be moved. Since 'ifst' isn't a word, logic tells you the word must be 'fist'. If you get no letters at all correct, instead of bulls and cows beside your word you will see 'moo'. For example, if you guess 'fits' and the word is 'help', you would see moo because none of the letters were correct. It's usually a little more complicated than this example, but this should get you started.

In Practice Making mode you need to come up with the four letter word and place bulls and cows in response to the computer's guesses. If you are using the word 'heat' and the computer guesses 'show' you would place one cow (for one correct letter in the wrong spot) by clicking 'space' until you see 'cows' beside the word and then hitting the '1' key on your keyboard, then pressing enter. If the computer then guessed 'seat', you would place three bulls (for three correct letters in the correct spot) by hitting the '3' on your keyboard and then hit enter. If the computer guessed 'heat' next, you would give them four bulls. When you challenge the computer, you will take turns 'breaking' and 'making', so it's a good idea to go through a few practice rounds first until you get the hang of how the game is played. If you make a mistake while making a puzzle in the challenge computer mode you will have to make another puzzle and the computer will automatically get to bonus points, so be careful.

Overall 4 Letter Word BnC is a complicated word game that will challenge you to think carefully and make educated guesses based on the information you are given. This isn't a game for someone that doesn't like to do a lot of thinking because that's what this game is all about. Part puzzle game and part word game, this is a brilliant option for anyone looking for something a little different than the standard online word games or someone looking for a good challenge to really get their brain working. You'll have a blast with this one, but be prepared - it is incredibly addictive and you're going to find yourself wanting to play again and again.