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Alpha Assault Instructions

The mouse is used to play Alpha Assault. Click on a letter and drag it to form a word. Click the last letter to submit the word. Click on the previous selected tile in a word to deselect a tile. Clicking on a single selected tile will deselect that tile.

Alpha Assault Walkthrough

Alpha Assault is a unique word game that combines strategy game, defense game, and role playing game elements. Alpha Assault features an excellent soundtrack, lovely graphics, and a variety of upgrades.

The objective of Alpha Assault is to defend your castle while spelling words to earn experience. In order to spell words, click on a tile, then click on adjacent tiles in sequence to spell out words. You may also click and drag to form words faster. Click on the last letter of the word again to submit the word. When the experience meter at the bottom of the screen is full, yo will progress to the next level. If the red tiles take over your castle, however, then this word game is over for you!

As you progress through Alpha Assault, new types of tiles will be introduced. Emerald tiles reward bonus points when they are used to spell words. Wild tiles can be used in place of any letter to form words. Be sure to pay attention to the information presented to you when each new tile type is introduced, since it will help you to master this word game.

As you spell out words, you will occasionally be rewarded with coins. I found it useful to use these coins to buy letters in order to quickly spell words or replace tiles that were in danger of threatening my castle. I did not find the other powerups too useful, and they are quite expensive, but experiment to find the playing style that works best for you.

Alpha Assault is a wonderful word game, but it is not without its errors. Occasionally, tile may appear with the word "undefined" in it. If you click this tile, you will not be able to form words. Even clearing your tile selection does nothing. You will have to restart the game by opening the menu and selecting the option to restart if this happens. Also, I noticed that after pausing the game, some of the variables seemed to mess up. I beat levels after submitting only one three-letter word and my score was displayed as "NaN". Be careful when playing this word game, or you may find that you will have to refresh the page and start from the very beginning.

Alpha Assault is a pleasant and unique word game that combines strategy game elements. It is a shame that this puzzle game has the bugs that it does, but you can still enjoy repelling evil in Alpha Assault.