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Alphabet Soup Instructions

Alphabet Soup is controlled by using the mouse. Click on one letter, than click on another to swap their positions.

Alphabet Soup Walkthrough

Hungry for a bowlful of word game entertainment? Alphabet Soup is just the game for you then. Each game of Alphabet Soup provides three minutes of mind-challenging gameplay.

The objective of Alphabet Soup is to unscramble the letters to form words before they reach the bottom of the bowl. The faster you form words, the more points you will be rewarded. If the letters fall to the bottom of the bowl before you are able to spell a word with them, then you will score no points for that word. There is no explicit way to lose Alphabet Soup, but your goal is to score as many points and unscramble as many words as you can before your three minutes are up.

To unscramble a word in Alphabet Soup, simply click on one of the falling letters, then click on the letter that you wish to swap its position with. The faster you do this, the more points you will be rewarded with, and the faster the next set of letters will appear. If you are able to quickly unscramble the words, you will be able to get a high score in this word game.

Alphabet Soup is an excellent word game, but it seems that you cannot spell just any word to score. I tried spelling many different words with the letters, but not all of them registered as correct, even though they were words of the English language. You will have to keep trying different combinations in order to get the specific word that this puzzle game is looking for.

Alphabet Soup is a delicious word game that is sure to challenge your mental dexterity. If you need something to warm up your brain on cold winter nights, then Alphabet Soup is just the word game for you!