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Blocks With Letters On Instructions

Select a letter using either by left-clicking with your mouse or by hitting 'space' on your keyboard. Move a letter left using the left arrow key. Move a letter right using the right arrow key. Move a letter up when possible using the up arrow key. Move a letter down when possible using the down arrow key.

Blocks With Letters On Walkthrough

Blocks With Letters On is an absolute classic in the world of word games. This brain-bending, logic testing word game is without one of the best online. Combining the challenge of puzzle games and the fun of word games, this one requires you to put your mind to the test as you try to get through the increasingly difficult letters. With a little time, patience and practice - not to mention a little trial and error - you should be able to get through to the end and have a great time in the process. The graphics are fun and the game is engrossing. You'll find yourself wanting to complete the level just to see what the game throws at you next. You will get frustrated but remember, all of these levels are entirely solvable - you just need to think about it.

The basic premise behind Blocks With Letters On is fairly simple. Move the letters into the yellow area on the game screen in the order they need to be in to form a word. This in itself can be quite tricky considering you can only move most of the letters either left or right. The basic rules of the game are fairly easy to understand as well. The word in each level will be a common English language word and all of the letters will have to be in the correct order and facing right side up. It isn't the rules of the game that makes it so difficult, but rather the puzzles presented to you. Each level presents a new challenge, whether that is a new formation with obstacles you need to navigate through or a new type of obstacle which can be anything from glue that will hold your block in place, spare letters that are not part of the word you are forming or numbered switches that need to be turned on or off. To make up for the increasingly difficult puzzles, you are given twenty hints in total; ten 'clue flap' hints and ten 'hint button' hints. Clue flap hints will tell you the first level in the word and are mostly helpful for levels in which there are spare letters or longer words you are having trouble figuring out. Hint button hints are the best helpers the game offers. The hint button will give you the basic idea of how to complete the level. If you are still having trouble, use another hint button and learn more about what you need to do to complete the level. In most cases, you will really only need to use one hint button although you may still need to use a little logic. That's what makes this game so fun though - the challenge it presents. Alongside the glue and the spare letters you will be given white letters that can move up and down as well as from left to right, switches that can change a block from gray to white or from white to gray and red circles that will rotate your block so it is right side up. All of these extras can be extremely beneficial, but be sure to use them correctly. They can hurt your chance of completing the level just as much as they can help if you don't use them properly. If you get into trouble and can't figure out a way out, you can reset the level and try again. There is no limit on resets so use them as often as you need to.

It isn't hard to understand why Blocks With Letters is such a popular word game. It challenges you to do more than just make words from letters like most other word games. It challenges you to use your brain and think carefully about a puzzle to find the solution. The best way to get a high score is to remember that sometimes, even something that seems to be a hinderance, such as a spare letter, can help you achieve your goal and to take your time to look at the puzzle. There is no time limit and there is no time bonus. The challenge here is all in solving the puzzle. That's what makes this game so unique and so addictive. This is, without question, one of the best word games online and is one that every one who loves word games needs to try at least once.