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Play Savvygram

#1: Savvygram


Savvygram is what word games are all about. It's simple, challenging and fun. This game challenges you to type quickly and be able to look at the letters on the screen and decide what the word is. If you're having...

Number of plays: 395,512

Play The Wizard's Notebook

#2: The Wizard's Notebook


In The Wizard's Notebook, you are a stick man trying to reach the princess and save her. However, with the help of imminently appearing text, you can do that! In the Wizards Notebook, you must type out text with your...

Number of plays: 152,119

Play Magic Words

#3: Magic Words


You are some student in a fantasy world about letters. That would be nice if it had some real relevance to anything, but it's not. The control scheme is a tad convoluted, as you're stuck with the mouse for deselecting...

Number of plays: 136,445

Play - Wordsmith -

#4: - Wordsmith -


Wordsmith is an excellent online word game that will challenge you to make words with the letters you are given and the words placed on the screen. The game is difficult but not so much so that newcomers to the...

Number of plays: 104,868

Play Letter Matrix

#5: Letter Matrix


Letter matrix is a fast thinking word game in which you must assemble enough words and letters to file tomes of books away into a magical bookcase. The game is really based on how fast you can click letters into...

Number of plays: 89,734

Play Word Reactor

#6: Word Reactor


In this cleverly designed physics word game, you are given a set of oddly shaped objects and told to form words to destroy them. Word reactor is relatively difficult because the letters are profusely scattered in all sorts of directions, making...

Number of plays: 76,281

Play Chain Letters

#7: Chain Letters


Chain Letters is an addictive and challenging word game. This word game features simple graphics and controls, and no audio. If it helps you to concentrate, you may want to play some music of your own in the background. The objective...

Number of plays: 63,519

Play Wordspector

#8: Wordspector


Wordspector is an excellent online puzzle game that challenges you to guess the mystery word before the hourglass is empty. This challenging and entertaining game is similar to the other 'guess the word' style word games online, but it offers...

Number of plays: 61,750

Play Spellbound

#9: Spellbound


Spellbound is a challenging word game that will put your brain to the test! This word game features decent graphics, simple controls, and formidable gameplay. The objective of Spellbound is to spell as many words as you can using the letters...

Number of plays: 57,009

Play Word Kingdom

#10: Word Kingdom


Word Kingdom is one of the most involved and wildly entertaining word games online simply because it takes the time to really develop a premise and theme that draws and holds you attention. The goal of the game is to...

Number of plays: 56,712

Play Patchword

#11: Patchword


Patchword is one of the most inventive word games online; challenging you to create as many words as you can before you run out of time or, should you choose, challenging you to create the highest scoring words you can...

Number of plays: 47,735

Play Lateral - The Word Association Game

#12: Lateral - The Word Association Game


Did you ever want to think like a detective? Well, with Lateral - The Word Association Game, you can feel and imagine what it is like to be a completely inept and frustrated detective! You're going to toss your hair...

Number of plays: 44,727

Play Word Machine

#13: Word Machine


Word Machine - if you are looking for word games that have nice graphics, one that steps up the challenge after every level, one that will keep the linguist in you fumbling for words, this is the game you are...

Number of plays: 44,533

Play Clockwords: Prelude

#14: Clockwords: Prelude


Clockwords: Prelude sets up the stage for the game's series. The title is a play on clockwork, which is relegating on how the game goes round and round; sort of. Clockwords: Prelude is a word game where you must type out...

Number of plays: 42,479

Play My Word!

#15: My Word!


My Word! is a delightful, well-made word game. This puzzle game features clean graphics, catchy music, and four different gameplay modes. The objective of My Word! is to spell as many valid words as possible before the end of the game....

Number of plays: 41,968

Play Drop A Block

#16: Drop A Block


Drop A Block is a word game presented by Mousebreaker. Mousebreaker is known for their various sports games, but Drop A Block shows that they are capable of making quality word games too. Drop A Block features simple graphics and...

Number of plays: 40,434

Play Word Burst

#17: Word Burst


Word Burst is a word search game unlike any other. Word burst features fun audio, simple controls, and mentally-engaging gameplay! The objective of Word Burst is to fill up your word jar and advance to the next level before the timer...

Number of plays: 39,106

Play 4 Letter Word BnC

#18: 4 Letter Word BnC


4 Letter Word BnC is one of the absolute best word games online. It is fun, challenging and engrossing - and just a bit tricky to get the hang of when you first start playing. If you're looking for something...

Number of plays: 36,412

Play Wheel of Fortune

#19: Wheel of Fortune


Wheel of Fortune is a word game that is similar to the famous television show of the same name. This Flash version of the classic American TV show does not feature Pat Sajak or Vanna White, but it does feature...

Number of plays: 35,573

Play Polyn

#20: Polyn


Polyn is an adorable puzzle word game with cute graphics and challenging puzzles that will keep you entertained from the very beginning until the very end. In this game, your goal is to pollinate as many of the flowers with...

Number of plays: 35,174

Play Clockwords: Act I

#21: Clockwords: Act I


Clockwords: Act I is the continuation of Clockwords: Prelude. Clockwords is a word game where you must type out words to allow your sentient robot cannon to shoot down techno-phobic robotic spider bugs. From Preludes, Act I does not change too...

Number of plays: 33,259

Play Rowowor

#22: Rowowor


Let me start off by saying Rowowor is not for everyone, but it is an enjoyable and educational game for someone who is new to online word games. This game is a great way to get started if more advanced...

Number of plays: 32,702

Play Word Craft

#23: Word Craft


Word Craft is a challenging word game with a Halloween theme. Although it may not be the Halloween season, Word Craft is still a solid and challenging word game with detailed background graphics and simple controls. The objective of Word Craft...

Number of plays: 30,617

Play Whizz Words

#24: Whizz Words


If you are looking for word games that are fun and REALLY addictive, Whizz Words is yours for the taking! The ultimate goal here is to spell as many words as you can in every category, beat the top score,...

Number of plays: 30,055

Play Target Words

#25: Target Words


Target Words is an excellent point and click word game that will have you striving to beat all sixty levels. The story is fun, the graphics are entertaining and the game is reasonably difficult. Some word game enthusiasts will find...

Number of plays: 29,824

Play ...palindromes...

#26: ...palindromes...


Palindromes is one of the most unique and engrossing word games on the internet simply because it challenges you to think and respond quickly to the puzzles put in front of you. Part word game and part puzzle game, Palindromes...

Number of plays: 29,198

Play That Word Game

#27: That Word Game


That Word Game is without a doubt one of the best word games online. Loaded with options to make playing the game more convenient and filled with truly challenging levels, this game is one of the most addictive and engrossing...

Number of plays: 29,025

Play SwizzlePop! - Whirled

#28: SwizzlePop! - Whirled


SwizzlePop - Whirled is one of the most entertaining and engrossing word games online. Based loosly on the classic word game, Boggle, SwizzlePop throws in some neat little twists and turns to make the game a little more exciting for...

Number of plays: 28,779

Play Blocks With Letters On

#29: Blocks With Letters On


Blocks With Letters On is an absolute classic in the world of word games. This brain-bending, logic testing word game is without one of the best online. Combining the challenge of puzzle games and the fun of word games, this...

Number of plays: 27,793

Play Wordy

#30: Wordy


Wordy is a word game that combines elements of Tetris and word searches. This word game features simple graphics, easy-to-learn controls, and straightforward gameplay. Wordy does not have audio, so players may wish to play their own background music. The...

Number of plays: 27,772

Play Original Word Burst

#31: Original Word Burst


Original Word Burst is a word game that has no relation to the word search game, Word Burst. Original Word Burst features catchy music, simple controls, and addicting gameplay. The objective of Original Word Burst is to form as many English...

Number of plays: 27,661

Play Pantechnicon Connection

#32: Pantechnicon Connection


Pantechnicon Connection is one of the most intense, engrossing word games online. The goal of the game is fairly simple - create a road for Jack, the pantechnicon driver, to use to make his deliveries using words. The rules, however,...

Number of plays: 23,359

Play Word Up

#33: Word Up


Word Up is a simple and addicting word game. Word Up features a cool interface, appropriate sound effects, and four rounds of gameplay. The objective of Word Up is to spell words using the key letter of the round. The first...

Number of plays: 22,049

Play Canufit

#34: Canufit


Canufit is an excellent game that combines both puzzle and word games to create a fun and challenging gaming experience. The goal of the game is simple; fit the letters into the form on the screen by rotating them to...

Number of plays: 21,091

Play More Blocks with Letters On

#35: More Blocks with Letters On


More Blocks with Letters On is a cute and entertaining word game that challenges you to make words using the letters provided to you in each level. The only goal is to make words to progress to the next level...

Number of plays: 20,238

Play SwizzlePop!

#36: SwizzlePop!


Based on Boggle, SwizzlePop is point and click based word game that challenges you to make as many words as you can to get the number of points you need to get to the next level while not allowing letter...

Number of plays: 19,301

Play Word Cube

#37: Word Cube


Word Cube is a straightforward word game that is excellent for practicing the lexicon of the English language. This word game features simple controls, great graphic, and minimal audio. The goal of Word Cube is to form as many valid words...

Number of plays: 18,620

Play Whiz Words

#38: Whiz Words


Whiz Words is a word game that is appropriate for players of all ages. This word game features neat graphics, catchy music, and brisk gameplay. The objective of Whiz Words is to click on the appropriate tiles to spell the word...

Number of plays: 18,616

Play Word Chain

#39: Word Chain


Word Chain is a fast-paced word game that will put your mental dexterity to the test. Word Chain features simple graphics, easy controls, and a user-friendly interface. The objective of Word Chain is to form as many words as you can...

Number of plays: 18,230

Play Word Bump

#40: Word Bump


Word Bump is a fun word game presented by Gaia Online. Word Bump features colorful graphics, various powerups, and simple gameplay. The objective of Word Bump is to bump all of the golden letters to the top row. In order to...

Number of plays: 18,002

Play Wordix

#41: Wordix


Wordix is a word game with a distinctive Andean cultural atmosphere. Wordix is a challenging game, but can it is possible (although highly-improbably) to play for an unlimited period of time. The objective of Wordix is to form words from the...

Number of plays: 17,850

Play Word Slamm

#42: Word Slamm


If you are looking for a word game that will test your mental dexterity, then Word Slamm is just the game for you! Word Slamm may have simple graphics, but it makes up for it with high-paced gameplay! The objective of...

Number of plays: 17,234

Play Flip Words

#43: Flip Words


Word games are addictive, especially if the name is Flip Words. My 2 younger sisters and my mom are living proofs! I brought the game up in a browser, went to the bathroom to take a pee, only to...

Number of plays: 17,062

Play Alphabet Soup

#44: Alphabet Soup


Hungry for a bowlful of word game entertainment? Alphabet Soup is just the game for you then. Each game of Alphabet Soup provides three minutes of mind-challenging gameplay. The objective of Alphabet Soup is to unscramble the letters to form words...

Number of plays: 16,828

Play Words and Physics

#45: Words and Physics


Words and Physics is a unique word game with physics game elements, as its name implies. This word game features simple but stylish graphics, groovy background music, and eighteen levels. The goal of Words and Physics is to remove the phrase...

Number of plays: 15,822

Play Prose and Motion

#46: Prose and Motion


Prose and Motion is a physics game with elements of the word game genre. Prose and Motion features a soothing musical score, monochrome graphics, and twenty-six levels (one for each letter of the alphabet). The objective of Prose and Motion is...

Number of plays: 13,296

Play Alphabots

#47: Alphabots


Alphabots is a great word game for those just getting started with this genre of game because it isn't all that difficult and the graphics are a lot of fun. Those who have a little more experience with word games...

Number of plays: 12,357

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