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Play Word Grid

#1: Word Grid


This word game is exactly like a word search; only with cool, hip, and rad new features. Word Grid takes the fun of word hunting and makes it a competitive race for the time. You must create words from the...

Number of plays: 501,776




Wordit is an addictive and engrossing online puzzle game that challenges you to find words to try to get a high score. Each level in both modes of play gets increasingly more difficult; providing an excellent challenge and making the...

Number of plays: 450,667

Play Mind Flipper

#3: Mind Flipper


Imagine you're doing a word search. Now imagine someone is timing you to find as many words in 90 seconds as possible. Also imagine the word bank of words that you need to find is missing. That is the sort...

Number of plays: 306,029

Play Word Ruffle

#4: Word Ruffle


Just like in most word games out there, Word Rufffle is a game that requires you to spell and form as many words as you can and as possible from a list of letters. There are 3 levels in every...

Number of plays: 269,590

Play Wacky Wordsearch

#5: Wacky Wordsearch


Wacky Wordsearch is a word game that randomly generates a field of words and a list of words to look for each time that you play. No more having to buy puzzle magazines, since you can enjoy Wacky Wordsearch for...

Number of plays: 49,803

Play Word Freak

#6: Word Freak


Word Freak is an incredible online word game centered around the basic premise you would get with any word find game. The rules are fairly simple to understand and so are the controls. Your goal is to find all of...

Number of plays: 42,218

Play Qbox

#7: Qbox


Who are the smartest animals in the animal world? Most of the time, the answer is OWLS! And yes, in Qbox, they are arrogant. They are the scholars of the animal world. They mock the human race with the glasses...

Number of plays: 32,474

Play Wrangle 2

#8: Wrangle 2


Wrangle 2 is a word game and the sequel to Wrangle. Wrangle 2 retains the same basic gameplay as its predecessor but offers improved graphics, five difficulty levels, and the new unscrambling round If you are familiar with the first Wrangle,...

Number of plays: 22,830

Play Wordstone

#9: Wordstone


Word games and puzzle games with an Aztecs theme like Zuma, for some reason, are very appealing. I don't know. Maybe those are one of the magical qualities of the Aztecs? Maybe. Anyway, if you are looking for word games...

Number of plays: 20,610

Play Alpha Assault

#10: Alpha Assault


Alpha Assault is a unique word game that combines strategy game, defense game, and role playing game elements. Alpha Assault features an excellent soundtrack, lovely graphics, and a variety of upgrades. The objective of Alpha Assault is to defend your castle...

Number of plays: 18,535

Play Wordix

#11: Wordix


Wordix is a word game with a distinctive Andean cultural atmosphere. Wordix is a challenging game, but can it is possible (although highly-improbably) to play for an unlimited period of time. The objective of Wordix is to form words from the...

Number of plays: 18,007

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