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Chain Letters Instructions

Chain Letters is controlled by using the mouse. Click on letters to choose them and link them to previous letters.

Chain Letters Walkthrough

Chain Letters is an addictive and challenging word game. This word game features simple graphics and controls, and no audio. If it helps you to concentrate, you may want to play some music of your own in the background.

The objective of Chain Letters is to obtain as high of a score as possible by connecting adjacent letters to spell words. After you have spelled a word, click on the submit button. If your word is valid, you will score and those letters will be replaced on the board. If you word is invalid, then you will not score. You have three minutes to spell as many words and score as many points as possible in this word game.

In Chain Letters, each letter has a point value which is given in the lower-right corner of that letter's tile. When you submit a valid word, the score that you earned is given by the sum of the values of each letter multiplied by the number of letters in the word. If you want to score big in this word game, it's best to spell longer words if you can.

When spelling words in Chain Letters, you must make sure that your words are valid. This word game will not accept words under three letters in length, and many proper nouns are not accepted. Acronyms and initials are also invalid. Also, keep in mind that words are spelled out in the order that you click letters. Clicking the letters "P-I-T" or "T-I-P" in order is acceptable, but "T-P-I" is not acceptable because even though the letters could be rearranged to form a word, they were not connected in the right order.

If you cannot find any words to spell, do not be afraid to use the shuffle button. You are not penalized at all for shuffling the letters, and you may be able to find valid words to spell by doing so. You can shuffle as many times as you want in this word game.

Chain Letters is an addicting word game with a unique premise. If you have three minutes to kill, and are a fan of challenging puzzle games, then be sure to check out Chain Letters.