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Clockwords: Act I Instructions

Use the keyboard to type out letters, press enter to submit, backspace to cancel last letter. Mouse to select options. Optional: Mouse to control cannonfire, 2nd person required.

Clockwords: Act I Walkthrough

Clockwords: Act I is the continuation of Clockwords: Prelude. Clockwords is a word game where you must type out words to allow your sentient robot cannon to shoot down techno-phobic robotic spider bugs.

From Preludes, Act I does not change too much. It has smoother graphics, an addition to the already bizarre storyline, and faster game play. The music is also still excellently done. You have new power ups, a new mini game mode, and a new high score system.

Like in Prelude, you are advised to use specified letters in your chosen words, simply because they do more damage. At the start of each level, you start with one chamber with a single letter. Once that letter is used, another chamber unlocks, and shuffles the unlocked chambers. Now, you must use the two letters in the two chambers in any combination you wish. This repeats (i.e three chambers, have to use all three letters). If you do not use all of the letters or none, no new chambers will be unlocked, but the ones you currently have will have their letters shuffled around.

Unlike in Clockwords: Prelude, you have an actual currency where you can purchase letters and different letter types. The currency used is known as secrets, with one secret allowing you buy a normal letter, while three or more secrets will purchase you one of the more unique power letters. In Act I, you have several options of unique power letters, including fire, freezing, and piercing. Explosion and extra length damage return from the prelude version as well.

Though very damaging to your highscore, a useful strategy if you need some rapid spider control is using an S variant of the word you had previously used. For instance, toddler, and then typing quickly toddlers. This also applies to past tense, future tense, and present tenses of the word. -ING endings also apply. For instance, walk, walked, walking, and walks are all valid.

Clockwords: Act I has a very precise high score method, which takes into account how fast words were used, how effective they were, their length, and other variations. It's quite fun to see what kind of score you get in this game.

Also, power letters with effects change into their normal counterpart if you do not use them. A strategy for keeping them is to press the letter, and backspace it away once you thought of how to use it. When you leave it unused, it will float either up or down and then revert. However, when it's selected, it stays stationary. Effect powerups are very useful for taking down spiders with larger amounts of health. It would be wise to know that you can actually use the Canadian version of words. Take color and colour. It is valid to use both, and you can further use coloring and colouring, along with colours, and colors.