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Crossword Scramble Instructions

Crossword Scramble is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag letter tiles to place them and form words.

Crossword Scramble Walkthrough

Crossword Scramble is a word game presented by Crossword scramble features soothing music, simple controls, and casual gameplay.

The objective of Crossword Scramble is to form as many unique words as possible with the letters provided to you. There is no explicit way to lose in this puzzle game, but when times runs out, the game is over. Try to spell as many valid and unique words as you can before the hourglass runs out!

To form words in Crossword Scramble, click and drag on the tiles to place them in order. Words must contain at least two letters and must be valid English words in the dictionary. Words may be spelled from left-to-right or from top-to-bottom in this word game. If a word is valid, the tiles will connect with each other, but if the word is invalid, the tiles will remain disconnected. Your score is increased as soon as you form a valid word. As is the case in many word games, most names will not count as valid words in Crossword Scramble.

Bigger words score more points in Crossword Scramble. The plural of a word counts as a unique word, so if you have any spare 'S' tiles, do not be ashamed to attach them to the end of some words to get a quick boost in your score. If you manage to cross words using common letter tiles, you will also be rewarded with more points. Crossing large words with each other is a great way to maximize your score in this word game. Planning out a placement of letters that will allow you to cross words will pay off.

Crossword Scramble is a straightforward word game that will test your vocabulary as well as your ability to think ahead. If you want a game that is entertaining, but soothing rather than chaotic, then Crossword Scramble is the perfect puzzle game for you!