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Drop A Block Instructions

Drop A Block is controlled by using the mouse. Click on letters to form words. Click on the submit button to submit a word. Click on the clear button to deselect all letters and clear your word.

Drop A Block Walkthrough

Drop A Block is a word game presented by Mousebreaker. Mousebreaker is known for their various sports games, but Drop A Block shows that they are capable of making quality word games too. Drop A Block features simple graphics and controls along with mind-challenging gameplay.

The objective of Drop A Block is to rack up as many points as you can by spelling words with the blocks on the field. To spell out words, simply click on the letters that you wish to use in order, then click on the submit button. To deselect all letters and clear your slate, click on the clear button. When you successfully spell a word with the letters that you have selected, the blocks will disappear from the playing field. There is no definite time limit, but if you allow a column of blocks to rise about the dotted line at the top of the screen, then this word game will end.

In Drop A Block, the words that you spell must be between three and seven letters long. Any word that is outside of this range of length will be considered invalid. In this word game, three-letter words are worth ten points, four-letter words are worth twenty-five points, five-letter words are worth fifty points, six-letter words are valued at one hundred points, and seven-letter words reward two hundred points. There are also special words that will reward three times their usual point value if you manage to spell them. Special words scroll at the bottom of the screen, so be on the lookout for them.

To excel at Drop A Block, you must be able to balance your desire to score big points with big words with the need to prevent columns from reaching the top of the screen. Steadily hunting for big words is a great way to attain a massive score in this word game, but spelling smaller words to stop columns from reaching the top can keep you in the game longer. By increasing your time in the game, you can theoretically increase your score. A good strategy is to spell small words to increase your breathing room, but spell big words when you have lots of time to spare or when doing so will remove letters from column that is about to reach the top.

Drop A Block is an entertaining and challenging puzzle game. Keyboard controls would make this word game par excellence, but despite this imperfection, Drop A Block is still an impressive Flash game that will test your vocabulary.