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Fast Typer 2 Instructions

Fast Typer 2 is controlled by using the keyboard. Type in words as they appear on the screen.

Fast Typer 2 Walkthrough

Fast Typer 2 is the sequel to the typing game, Fast Typer. Fast Typer 2 retains the basic premise of its predecessor but improves upon the gameplay by making it faster-paced and more challenging.

Unlike in the first Fast Typer where the objective was to type as many six-letter words as possible within one minute, Fast Typer 2 gives players thirty seconds to type as many words as possible. This typing game starts out easy with three-letter words, then adds another letter after every ten correctly-typed words. Each time that the number of letters increases, additional time is added to the clock. Typing errors invoke one-second penalties. When time runs out, your score and accuracy are tallied.

Fast Typer 2 uses the same control scheme as its predecessor. Simply type in words as they appear on the screen by using your keyboard. If you make an error, you cannot go back and fix it; the word will be skipped, a one second will be deducted from your time, and the next word will be given. Unlike in the first Fast Typer, upcoming words are visible in this typing game. You cannot type words in advance, but you can use this list to prepare for the next word and maintain a steady flow of input.

Like its forerunner, Fast Typer 2 is an excellent tool for educators and parents to use to help their children to learn how to type. It is also great for older players that wish to practice typing. There is no objective way to lose in this typing game, so players will be able to move at their own pace. In order to type quickly and accurately players should keep their eyes on the screen rather than gazing down at the keyboard, which would take precious time.

Fast Typer 2 is a delightful typing game that can be used to kill time or practice typing. Fans of the original Fast Typer are sure to enjoy Fast Typer 2!