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Flip Words Instructions

The controls of most word games are not complicated. The same thing with Flip Words. All you have to do is: (1) use your mouse to click on the letters you want to connect and form words with. Double click to submit your word. (2) use your keyword to guess the phrase. Get it right and you move on to the next level! Nothing fancy or complicated as far as controls go. BUT as you will see, playing word games is anything BUT simple...especially if the name of the game is Flip Words! Let's check it out.

Flip Words Walkthrough

Word games are addictive, especially if the name is Flip Words. My 2 younger sisters and my mom are living proofs! I brought the game up in a browser, went to the bathroom to take a pee, only to find them crowded on the PC playing the game. Everyone was suggesting words and trying to guess the phrase. It took them another 2 hours or so to satisfy their appetite for word games...2 hours before I can finally sit and play the game in peace!

While the controls of most word games like Flip Words are simple, the mechanics of the game are quite complex. It's like Hang-A-Roo (minus the about to be hanged Kangaroo) and cross word puzzle in one neat package. The ultimate goal of the game is to guess phrase given on top. It can belong to any of the following categories: (1) Things (2) People (3) Events (4) Quotations and more.

HOWEVER, instead of playing hit and miss, instead of wildly guessing what are the letters included in the phrase, you need to form words on the puzzle right below the phrase. If the beginning letter of your word is in the phrase, it will be revealed. Sounds easy? Yeah, it does. Until you realize that you only have 20 turns to solve the puzzle. Go beyond 20 turns and it's game over for you. You have to start from square one. The farthest that I have gone is Round 6. And that's coming from someone who thinks his vocabulary is a little above average.

Anyway, you are NOT without resources. See that Extra Turn meter on the right part of the screen? Fill that up and you get an extra turn. And that brings us to one valuable tip: for every word you try to form, make sure you try different starting letters. After all, the goal is to complete or guess the phrase to move on to the next level. You don't want to waste turns just trying to score high only to realize you haven't uncovered enough letters to make a good guess of the phrase.

By the way, to know which starting letters you have used (so you won't make the mistake of using it over and over), check the letters clustered just below the game name - Flip Words, on the upper left corner of the screen.

Another thing you need to keep in mind: maximize your score for every word. As I have mentioned, the Extra Turn meter is crucial to your success. The higher you score for every word, the faster it's filled. You want to make sure every guess and turn counts... A LOT!

Along with that, if you are having trouble creating words out of the bunch of letters laid down in front of you, there's always the shuffle button. BUT be careful! Don't abuse it as every shuffle takes up a turn.

An excellent combination of cross word puzzles and guess-the-phrase word games like Hang Man and Hang A Roo, Flip Words is one of those words games that will keep you on the edge of your seats! By the way, there's no time limit so take your time buddy.