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Hangaroo Instructions

Hangaroo is controlled by using the mouse or the keyboard. Click on letters to make your guess. You may also use the keyboard to input your guess.

Hangaroo Walkthrough

Hangaroo is a simple word game similar to the classic guessing game, Hangman. This word game features cartoon graphics, thousands of terms and phrases to guess, and of course, a big-mouthed kangaroo whose life is on the line!

If you are familiar with the rules of Hangman, then you will not have much of a learning curve when playing Hangaroo. When you first start each round of Hangaroo, you are given a hint and empty boxes representing the letters of the term or phrase that you are trying to guess. If you guess correctly, letters will be revealed in the boxes, but if you guess incorrectly, you will get one strike. If you get four strikes in a single round of this word game, then you sign the kangaroo's death warrant, and the trap door will open (in other words, you will lose the game). To win Hangaroo, you must win ten consecutive rounds in one sitting.

In order to increase your chances of guessing properly in this word game, I advise you to guess the vowels first, since words in the English language require vowels. If you are sure of words such as "and", "the", or "or", then be sure to guess these letters, since you may also uncover more letters in the phrase, making your work much easier.

If you answer incorrectly in Hangaroo, the kangaroo will get mad and may hurl insults at you. I can't say that I blame him, because I would probably do the same if my life were on the line, and someone brought me closer to my death sentence. The kangaroo does have some gratitude, because if you make a correct guess, he will praise you. Don't worry; there are no naughty words here, so children and adults can both enjoy this word game.

Hangaroo is a word game that can offer hours of family-friendly entertainment. There are thousands of puzzles, so you are unlikely to see the same phrases repeatedly. If you are a fan of Hangman, then you are sure to enjoy Hangaroo!