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Hangman Extreme Instructions

Hangman Extreme is controlled by using the keyboard. Type is letters using the keys on your keyboard to make guesses.

Hangman Extreme Walkthrough

Hangman Extreme is a word game presented by Armor Games. This challenging word game features difficult puzzles, stick figure graphics, and awesome animation, that can sometimes be humorous (in a cruel way).

If you are familiar with the rules of the popular guessing game, Hangman, then learning how to play Hangman Extreme will not be difficult. You are given a limited amount of time (represented by the bar at the bottom of the screen) to guess the letters in each word. To guess a letter, simply type that letter by using your keyboard. Guessing a correct letter will fill in one or more of the blanks of the word, but guessing incorrectly will cost you some of your time. When the time bar is completely depleted, this word game will end for you, and you will be treated with the violent death of a poor stickman.

As this word game's name implies, Hangman Extreme is indeed extreme! The stickman is not just subjected to the standard gallows, but can be run over by traffic, electrocuted, executed by firing squad, and more. Not only is the stickman a potential victim of a variety of brutal deaths, but some of the words in this game are nearly impossible to guess. The first round of this word game could start you off with an easy word, but sometimes it will give you a long word that you would never think of. To top this off, you have absolutely no clues regarding the nature of the word that you are trying to guess. At least all of the words in this guessing game are of the English language.

If it takes you dozens of tries to finally guess a word correctly, do not be ashamed. It is best to guess the vowels first since words in the English language require vowels. With luck, enough of the spaces will be filled to make guessing the consonants easier. Even then, it is very hard to guess correctly in this word game, but at least the death animations are humorous.

Hangman Extreme is a hardcore word game that is funny, but at times can be frustrating. Keep at it, and if you never manage to guess a word correctly, at least you can enjoy the violent animations!