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Lateral - The Word Association Game Instructions

Keyboard to type out guess, left click and hold on mouse to look around.

Lateral - The Word Association Game Walkthrough

Did you ever want to think like a detective? Well, with Lateral - The Word Association Game, you can feel and imagine what it is like to be a completely inept and frustrated detective! You're going to toss your hair out, you're going to give up, you're going to be momentarily joyous, and of course, you're going to use a walkthrough in the end.

Lateral has you guess words associated with a common category. For instance, the starting level, gives you one word; pets. Well, first off, you may be thinking that's easy! It's not. The game chooses what words belong in that category. You are given no clues beside that one word. How can you expect to find what it is unless you use every word related to pets on the Internet? You may find the words dog, bird, and rabbit (hint hint) and a few others. But eventually, there will be a single word that you cannot find. When you find words that link to other words, it's giving you a clue that the two are related somehow, or the words are combined like a catfish (hint hint hint)

This game was meant to be difficult; and when you run out of ideas, come back to the game at a later day or use that ol' reliable walkthrough that's available.