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Letter Matrix Instructions

Mouse to select letter tomes, enter to submit, backspace to clear last letter, space to clear entire word.

Letter Matrix Walkthrough

Letter matrix is a fast thinking word game in which you must assemble enough words and letters to file tomes of books away into a magical bookcase. The game is really based on how fast you can click letters into coherent words, with no singulars allowed (I or A). The more difficult letters you can use, the more your score will be. For instance, the vowels will give only a single point, but using Q and Z will grant you a whopping ten points. When the letters fall from the ceiling, you must take care that it does not fill up and topple over, which will end your game. You have to get through ten levels, with a minimum letter use that dictates if you will pass onto the next one.

As far as word games go, you will have problems if your mouse coordination is not up to speed. It is vital for letter selection, as there is no keyboard alternative. Asterisk letters also appear in random intervals, which give zero points, but allow you to substitute a word you need. For instance, que*n is considered valid. They're extremely handy when forming larger words, so use them sparingly. Also, make use of backspace; you can unclick the letters individually, but why waste the time?

Not certainly the most appealing or interesting of word games, but Letter Matrix has it's merits; mouse coordination, ability to think on your feet... and that's about it.