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Letters Master Instructions

Letters Master is controlled by using the keyboard. Type the letters as they appear on the screen.

Letters Master Walkthrough

Letters Master is a typing game where speed and accuracy are the keys to success. This typing game features simplistic graphics, minimal audio, and is great for practicing typing skills.

The objective of Letters Master is to type the letters as they appear on the screen. You start this typing game with ten lives. Typing in incorrect letters results in the loss of one life. Each letter has a timer ring that fills around it; if this ring is allowed to fill completely, it will also result in the loss of one life. On later levels, this ring fills faster. When all ten lives are lost, the game will end.

Letters Master uses a straightforward keyboard control scheme. Simply type the letters that appear on the screen before time runs out. The faster that you type each letter, the more points that you will earn. You may also score extra points by raising the combo multiplier if you input the proper letters quickly enough. Proper typing technique is very helpful in this typing game, especially on later levels, since players will have to keep their eyes on the screen rather than looking down at the keyboard.

Since precision and speed are so important in Letters Master, it can be used as a tool for typing practice. Parents and teachers of younger children may also employ this typing game as an educational tool since it is not a violent game and it does not feature content that may be overstimulating. Finally, since there is no music in the game and the volume of what few sound effects there are can be turned down (using the controls in the lower-right portion of the screen), it can be played without distracting others.

Letters Master is a simple typing game that requires little effort at first, but becomes more challenging as players progress. If you desire a fun way to master your typing abilities, then Letters Master is perfect for you!