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Magic Words Instructions

Mouse to select and deselect letters. Move away from screen to pause

Magic Words Walkthrough

You are some student in a fantasy world about letters. That would be nice if it had some real relevance to anything, but it's not. The control scheme is a tad convoluted, as you're stuck with the mouse for deselecting accidentally used letters. Anyways, Magic Word is a word game that is divided into two parts, both slightly the same.

In action mode, you have a limited time to form enough words to reach a goal high score. This means that you must work quickly and utilize any word that comes in the grid. You can cheat this mode with a little help of the screenshot method. Basically, you can pause at anytime by moving your mouse outside of the game screen. Doing this removes the available letters. However, if you take a screenshot (search your keyboard for "Print Screen" or of a similar fashion. Open up paint, right click anywhere on the canvas and click on paste. Voila, you can take your time thinking of the best word to use. When you're ready to resume, go back to the game and move your mouse back onto the screen. You can keep doing this for an extremely high score.

In puzzle mode, the timer part is missing. In return, the goal high score is far higher, so as it says, take your time. You have a limited amount of words that you can submit, however. Use an anagram solver if you really must.

Hopefully, you don't get annoyed by the rather droll music and cheesy sound effects, it will do well to look beyond that and at the game play itself. It's a nice game overall.