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Keyboard to guess letters, escape to quit the current game

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Meaning fall, simply, is a non-stop game of hangman. You are given the definition of the word, and five guesses per word, along with a timer between each guess, with no guess when the timer running out counting as a failed guess. Like in hangman, if a word has multiples of the same letter, guessing it once counts as guessing them all. Also, you have three lives, which is very generous.

Scoring is done by how many words you can guess without failing to guess a word, and also by correct letter guess streaks. The longer the word, the more points scored (though repeats do not apply for streak bonus)

One of the most useful ways to start if you don't know the answer is by guessing a vowel; E, A, O, are often used. However, if a friend is nearby with access to the Internet, typing the definition will often result in the correct word. If you attempt this yourself, you will most likely lose one or two guesses due to time. The timer is, by the way, ten seconds. This will get you through most words, but for longer words it may not work entirely before you plummet.

Meaning Fall does not have any music soundtrack implemented, so feel free to substitute with some songs of your own!

This word game uses definitions from, which makes it quite fun to play. However, some definitions are very odd, such as passport; you may not grasp the definition at all even once the word is revealed, which is unfortunate that more are not given. You learn new words, and their definitions through a classic children's game. Very recommended to play for both educational purposes and a fun time.