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Mind Flipper Instructions

Use the mouse to select letters to use, enter key to submit, backspace to clear last letter,

Mind Flipper Walkthrough

Imagine you're doing a word search. Now imagine someone is timing you to find as many words in 90 seconds as possible. Also imagine the word bank of words that you need to find is missing. That is the sort of word game Mind Flipper is. Basically, you're given a reshuffled set of letters in a 5x5 grid and demanded to find as many letter combinations that form words as you can as fast as you can. Oh yes, and like a normal word search and the letters you need have to be beside or diagonal to the one you want. No using letters from across the board to form your word!

This game has the unfortunate problem of being coded very poorly. It suffers from delays every few seconds, though this problem may be a result of the websites hosting. Regardless, there are a ton of time wasting delays in the game that occur, even at the beginning during the shuffling. Be prepared to be patient when playing this game.

Make use of backspace; unclicking letters you do not wish to use is a nightmare. Also, one letter words and two letter words are not considered valid, unfortunately. Challenge yourself to form longer words, and get more points!