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More Blocks with Letters On Instructions

Select letter using 'space' or the mouse and left mouse button. Move letter to the left using left arrow key. Move letter to the right using right arrow key. Move letter up when possible using the up arrow key. Move letter down when possible using the down arrow key.

More Blocks with Letters On Walkthrough

More Blocks with Letters On is a cute and entertaining word game that challenges you to make words using the letters provided to you in each level. The only goal is to make words to progress to the next level by moving letters into the yellow space. The only rule is that the word you make must be an English language word. Sounds pretty simple right? In the beginning it is, but as you progress in the game, it gets much more difficult to accomplish your goal. If you make a mistake, you can reset the level by clicking 'reset level' at the bottom right of the screen. You are also given the 'clue flap' and hint button if you get stuck. Despite the simple premise and the rather basic rules, the controls of the game will get a little getting used to. Be patient though. This game is worth it.

The real challenge of More Blocks with Letters On isn't figuring out what the word you are being asked to create is; at least not in the beginning. The challenge of this game is figuring out how to get the letters you are given into the yellow space in the right order using only the arrow keys. This isn't an easy task to accomplish considering most of the letters you are given can only be moved right or left. As you progress in the game, however, you are given new types of letters to use that can help you out significantly. While normal black and gray letters can only be moved from right to left and not up and down, white letters can be moved up and down as well as from left to right. Letters that are rotated can be put right side up (all letters in the word will need to be right side up for you to pass the level) by moving them over red circles. Other new additions to the game are not as helpful, however. Blue glue on the sides or bottom of the game area will hold letters in place. Once a letter hits the glue you will not be able to move it again. Number blocks add further complication and will require you to use switches to turn the number blocks either on or off. The number blocks correspond with the number on the switches. For example a '1' switch will turn the '1' block either on or off. Put the glue together with number switches and you've got a difficult level! Add to that the addition of extra letters which make even figuring out what the word a task and you've got a wonderfully challenging game.

The great thing about More Blocks with Letters On is that it provides you with great hints if you need help either figuring out what the word is or figuring out what your next move should be. The Clue Flap will tell you the first letter of the word and the Hint Button will basically walk you through how to complete the level. In some cases, you are going to need to use a lot of logic to solve the puzzle. In other cases, things are a bit easier to figure out. Some levels will require you to use spare letters to help you complete the puzzle. As a little hint, spare letters make a great bridge over glue traps. Other levels will require you to turn number switches back on after you have used them. As you progress in the game, you will encounter even more switches, obstacles and helpful objects, but everything in this game comes down to looking at the problem and finding the solution. Turn on that creative brain and figure it out. With a little patience, you should have little problem getting through to the end of this game.