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My Word! Instructions

My Word! is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Click on blocks or type in their letters using the keyboard to spell words. Click on the check button (or press enter) to submit your word. Click on the back button (or use the backspace) to erase letters and the button labeled with an 'X' (or delete key) to scrap it completely. You may also use the shift key in place of clicking the jumble button to shuffle letters.

My Word! Walkthrough

My Word! is a delightful, well-made word game. This puzzle game features clean graphics, catchy music, and four different gameplay modes.

The objective of My Word! is to spell as many valid words as possible before the end of the game. You must use words from the English language that are at least three-letters long. Slang words and most proper nouns such as names of people or brands are invalid. You may use the mouse or the keyboard to input letters and spell words (I personally advise using the keyboard, especially for timed game modes since it is faster). Some gameplay modes of this word game have time limits, but all modes end when all possible word combinations have been exhausted, or you press the "Give Up" button.

The first gameplay mode of My Word! is Casual mode. In Casual mode, there is no time limit or limit to the words that you can spell. If you want to learn the basics of this word game, then Casual mode is a good place to start. In Panic! mode, you must input words before the red bar runs out. Short words are best to use here to keep the game going. In 5 Minute Mode gameplay is similar to Casual mode, except that you only have five minutes to spell as many words as possible. The final gameplay mode is 50 Words mode, where you must spell fifty unique words. Each of the gameplay modes offers its own challenges, so be sure to try them all to get the maximum entertainment value out of this puzzle game.

If you have no words to spell using the front row of blocks, you may click the jumble button (or press the shift key) to get a new front row of blocks. This function is especially useful when no vowels are present (remember, you cannot use slang, acronyms, or abbreviations in My Word!). If you want to maintain your score, however, you should limit the use of this function because it reduces your score by one quarter! If you want to be cheap, you can use this function indefinitely at the start of the game to get good starting letters; one-fourth of zero is zero, so you will not lose any points.

My Word! is an amazing word game that will have you coming back for more. Simple controls, various game modes, and addicting gameplay make My Word a Flash game that will appeal to casual gamers and puzzle game enthusiasts alike!