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Original Word Burst Instructions

Original Word Burst is controlled by using the mouse. Click on letters to form words, then click on the "Burst" button to submit them. If you cannot make a word, click on the "shuffle" button when lit to receive new letters.

Original Word Burst Walkthrough

Original Word Burst is a word game that has no relation to the word search game, Word Burst. Original Word Burst features catchy music, simple controls, and addicting gameplay.

The objective of Original Word Burst is to form as many English words and score as many points as you can before time runs out. As is the case in most word games, the longer the word, the more points you will receive. You may only spell a word once in this word game, and valid words must be at least three letters in length. Plurals and verb inflections are allowed, however. You may not use the words "run" or "cup" multiple times, but you may use the words "run", "ran", and "running", or "cup" and "cups". Most proper nouns are not accepted in this word game.

Original Word Burst features three special bubbles that will appear as you progress. Using gold bubbles in words will double the score provided by them. Chrono bubbles (bubbles with clocks in them) will provide you with extra time. Red bubbles are temporary and will pop after a short period of time, so be sure to use them quickly if you need to include their letter in a word!

Original Word Burst is a challenging game, but once you have mastered it, you will become addicted to it. In order to help you to improve in this word game, I will provide some gameplay tips. It goes without saying that you should try to spell long words to increase your score. This is especially the case when using chrono bubbles, since long words will earn you more bonus time than would shorter words. If you spell words using the letters "Q", "X", or "Z", you will score more points. Finally, if you find yourself unable to form any words with the letters provided, you may click the shuffle button (if it is illuminated) to get a new grid of letters.

Original Word Burst is one of the best Flash word games on the Web. If you are a fan of games that will test your quick-thinking ability, then Original Word Burst is just the game for you!