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Pantechnicon Connection Instructions

Type words using the letter keys on your keyboard. Submit words by hitting enter. Remove incorrect letters using 'backspace'.

Pantechnicon Connection Walkthrough

Pantechnicon Connection is one of the most intense, engrossing word games online. The goal of the game is fairly simple - create a road for Jack, the pantechnicon driver, to use to make his deliveries using words. The rules, however, are what make this game so unique and so challenging. Instead of giving you a select number of letters to use to make your words, you have the whole of the alphabet at your disposal. The catch is that you have to create words that are at least two letters long, but no longer than sixteen letters long, and begin with the last two, three or four letters in the previous word. In addition, you cannot use any words that you have already used. Things are starting to sound a little more complicated, right? That's what makes it so much fun! For any true word game fan, this game is a treat.

Basically, the rules of Pantechnicon Connection come down to paying attention to the last word that was played. For example, if the word 'happen' was the last word played, your challenge is to come up with another word that uses either 'ppen', 'pen' or 'en'. Obviously, for this example, you're not going to be able to use the last four letters of the word because there just aren't any words in the English language that start with those letters. Let's say, though, that you decide to go for the last three, 'pen'. 'Penmanship' would be a good word to use here as it would set you up well for your next word. You play 'penmanship'. You can then use 'ship', 'hip' or 'ip'. The more letters you use of the previous word the more points you get. Let's go with 'ship' and play 'shipmate'. You could then play a simple word like 'mates' and then 'testament' (using the last three letters, 'tes') after that. The important thing to remember is that with this game, you need to think about your next move as often as possible. It's entirely possible to get an awesome score in this game by simply thinking ahead. The points work out like this; use the last two letters of the previous word to earn 200 points, the last three letters for 1,000 points and the last four letters for 5,000 points. If you manage to get the bonus word (shown at the top of the screen), you earn 50,000 points. Get the bonus word a few times and you've got an excellent score.

Keep in mind that with Pantechnicon Connection, you can only use each word once. If you play 'mates' once, you will not be able to play it again for the remainder of the game. Try 'mated' instead. For longer words like, 'testament', use 'testimonial' and 'testimony'. Both of these words are great although you might have a bit of a hard time coming up with a word to follow 'testimony'. The key of this game is to thing quickly, type carefully and always keep your next move in mind. Overall, this game is such a great word game because it does things differently than most other games and presents a real challenge to anyone willing to accept it. There is no elaborate goal to reach here. There are no flashy graphics to feast your eyes on. The joy of this game is all in playing it and striving to make the next word. Challenge yourself to beat your own high score. While it might take you a little while to get the hang of the game and how it's played, you'll definitely appreciate taking the time to give it a shot.