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Patchword Instructions

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to select and place patches. Press 'backspace' to remove a patch. Press 'enter' to submit your word.

Patchword Walkthrough

Patchword is one of the most inventive word games online; challenging you to create as many words as you can before you run out of time or, should you choose, challenging you to create the highest scoring words you can with the patches you are given. There are three levels of difficulty and three modes of play, so you are sure to find something that suits you regardless of what level of challenge you are looking for. This game completely unlike most of the other word games online in that while you are given patches with letters to make your words with, you are also given patches with images that you can use to form words and patches with syllables. Picture patches can be a little difficult to understand when you first begin playing the game, but once you get used to how to use them, you'll find they're an excellent addition to that game and make this word game different than all of the other ones you've played.

The goal of Patchword is fairly simple and is fairly common in word games but varies depending on which mode of play you are playing in. In Time Attack Mode you need to try to get to the next level by creating the number of words shown in the top left side of the game screen. In Limited Patches Mode you are challenged to create as many words as possible out of the patches you are given to try to get a high score. You are only given the patches you start the game with though, so you need to be careful and use them wisely. In Full Quilt Mode you are given all of the patches and challenged to create the highest scoring possible words with those patches. Which you will choose will depend on how much of a challenge you are looking for. If you find Time Attack Mode a bit too difficult even on the lowest setting, consider trying a few rounds in Full Quilt Mode. This will give you the chance to get used to how the game is played without having to worry about running out of time. The three difficulty levels - easy, medium and hard - also make it easier to find the level of challenge that is right for you.

Probably the most difficult thing about getting used to Patchword is getting used to the picture and syllable patches. Each picture patch can be used to represent a certain number of words. For example, a picture quilt with an old man image on it could be used as 'age', 'old' or 'elder'. You will use these words with letter or syllable patches to create larger words. You could, for instance, use the old man picture patch to make the words, 'wage', 'mold' or 'elderly' if you had a 'w', an 'm', an 'l' or a 'y' or a 'ly' syllable patch. Syllable patches are fairly easy to use. They're just like normal letter patches except they show more than one letter, as in the example I used above with 'ly'. Each picture or syllable patch you use to create a word will give you bonus points. Try to use them as often as possible, especially if you are playing in Limited Patches or Full Quilt modes. In Time Attack Mode, use them when you can, but don't go out of your way; at least not once you reach later levels. In later levels you have to find lots of words and you don't have much time to do it. Focus on getting the words instead of trying to get points.

Overall, Patchword is one of the most addictive, engrossing and original word games online. It is truly challenging, but no so difficult you'll get frustrated and give up. The graphics are pretty basic, but they will be more than enough to keep you entertained and the increasing difficulty level as you progress is gradual enough to keep the game from becoming overwhelming, but fast enough that you won't get bored of playing. This is a great game that any fan of word games should play at least once. It'll keep you coming back for more.