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Prose and Motion Instructions

Prose and Motion is controlled by using the mouse. Pick up letters and place them by clicking and dragging. Press the R key to restart a level.

Prose and Motion Walkthrough

Prose and Motion is a physics game with elements of the word game genre. Prose and Motion features a soothing musical score, monochrome graphics, and twenty-six levels (one for each letter of the alphabet).

The objective of Prose and Motion is the spell out words using the letters provided in each stage. In order to do this, you must move the first letter of the word that you wish to spell into the shaded box, and move the other letters after it to form your word. You have to use all letters that are provided on the level in order to advance to the next. Some levels of this word game have multiple solutions, so spelling any legitimate word will suffice.

Remember that Prose and Motion is a hybrid of word game and physics game. Gravity effects letters, and letters can be rotated by the force of gravity as well. In order for a word to count, all of the letters must be upright, but some letters may double as others. For example, an "E" rotated ninety degrees clockwise becomes an "M", and when rotated ninety degrees counter-clockwise, it becomes a "W". You will have to use your mind to figure out the various ways that you can arrange letters in order to spell words in this word game.

If you want to make sure that a letter remains upright, try to set it down gently. It may also help if you use letters to prop other letters up. Remember, that your word will not count if some of the letters are upside down or misaligned,, and that some letters will count as others when they are on their sides or rotated into a different position.

Prose and Motion is a clever puzzle game that is a perfect blend of word game and physics game. If you are a fan of casual games with a soothing atmosphere, then Prose and Motion spells entertainment for you!