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QWERTY Warriors Instructions

QWERTY Warriors is controlled by using the keyboard. Type in the words that appear next to enemies and press enter to input the words and fire. The control key pauses the game.

QWERTY Warriors Walkthrough

QWERTY Warriors is a defense game where your survival rests upon your typing abilities. This typing game features excellent top-down graphics, amazing audio, and four difficulty levels. Despite its name, QWERTY Warriors can also be played on keyboards with different layouts. Also, for you perfectionists, assuming that the player is the titular character, there is only one QWERTY Warrior.

The objective of QWERTY Warriors is to survive against incoming enemies for as long as possible. There are four difficulty levels to choose from. It is advisable for new players and younger players to play this typing game on its easier difficulty levels. Seasoned veterans or those that want a hardcore typing challenge should play on the more advanced difficulty levels. The easier levels start players off with less enemies and shorter words while the advanced difficulty levels pit players against powerful waves right from the beginning.

The keyboard is used to control QWERTY Warriors. Type in the words that appear next to enemies and press enter to shoot them. There is no penalty for typing errors, but if you want to dispatch of enemies as quickly as possible, it is best to avoid making mistakes. Be sure to click on the text field in the lower-left corner of the screen before typing if you want your input to register!

QWERTY Warriors is ideal for parents and educators to make typing practice fun for their children. Although there is mild violence in this typing game, it is not presented at inappropriate levels and there is little gore. The action backdrop and defense game core make QWERTY Warriors fun, but the focus is still on typing rather than brainless bloodshed.

QWERTY Warriors is an outstanding typing game that is entertaining, challenging, and potentially educational. Casual gamers will find a pastime in this typing game while educators and those looking to improve their typing abilities will find an excellent educational resource.