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Semantic Wars Instructions

Guess letters by hitting the letter keys on your keyboard. Send out fighters using the 1, 2 and 3 number keys on your keyboard.

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Semantic Wars is an excellent online word game that takes the basic premise of hangman and goes wild with it. The result is one of the most wickedly entertaining and entirely engrossing word games available on the internet. This is definitely not the hangman you used to play with your friends when you couldn't find anything else to do. The only real problem with the game is that it is far too short and you find yourself wanting to play long after you've beaten the game. The simple solution to this problem is to not let something silly like beating the game stop you from playing again. Play as many times as you like. Try to beat your own high score or try to get on the leader board. One thing is for certain though, whether you are trying to best yourself or rank amoung other players, you are definitely going to want to keep playing this addictive game.

Semantic Wars has a very basic premise, basic rules and even basic graphics. This is a game anyone can play. It's easy to understand and not graphics intensive enough that people with slower computers are going to run into problems with lagging. At the same time, it's very challenging and the graphics are so plain that you find the game dull, boring or hard to get into. The goal is this; destroy your opponent's castle before he can destroy yours. To do this, you will need to send out people to fight the opposing castle's army, defend your castle and attack your enemy's. This means you'll need money. Earn money by solving the word problems presented at the right side of the screen. This is where the hangman portion of the game comes in. You'll see a series of dashes and a category, for example, 'animals'. Each dash represents a letter in a word that falls under that category. It is up to you to guess what those letters are. You will earn money for every correct letter you guess. You will lose money for every letter you get wrong. Let's continue with the above example and stick with the 'animals' example. You might see '_ _ _ _ _ _ _' below the word 'animals'. You want to guess 'a' so you hit the 'a' key on your keyboard. In this example, you would lose money because there are none in this puzzle. When you guess an incorrect letter your money will go down and the letter will appear at the bottom of the screen next to the trash can icon. Now you want to guess 'e'. Since there is an 'e' in this puzzle, you will see where that 'e' is located in the puzzle and your money will go up. The puzzle would now look like this:

'_ e _ _ _ _ _'. You will continue to guess letters until you have all of the letters filled in (the word was 'penguin', if you were curious) and a new puzzle appears. You'll then start over from the beginning. Guess letters wisely. It's a good idea to choose vowels first as every word in the English language (more or less) will have at least one vowel. The money you earn will be shown at the top left on your game screen. When you earn enough, it will be time to send out your soldiers.

Semantic Wars gives you three soldier options. Melee fighters are the first option you have on the left side of the game screen. These soldiers are excellent for short range fighting and have the thickest armor of any of your soldiers. They lack shooting skills though so they aren't much good for long range battle. Send out a melee fighter by hitting '1'. Shooters are great for middle range combat but aren't great for long or short range fighting. They have armor but it isn't nearly as good as the armor melee fighters offer. Wizards have no armor at all, but they are excellent for short and long range combat. Keep in mind though, they are killed fairly quickly and cost the most to train, so use them sparingly. As you use each different type of fighter your experience level increases, allowing you to build much stronger armies. You'll see symbols over the troops in your unit that will indicate how advanced they are. They begin with a single upward facing arrow. When you move up each level, you will receive another upward facing arrow until you are fully upgraded and the symbol above the troop's head becomes a star. The key to doing well in this game is finding a balance between the money you have and the money you are earning. Don't spend all of your money on soldiers right away. See what your opponent is going to throw at you. If you release your soldiers, they will fight on their own. Focus on solving the word puzzles and earning money to make more soldiers when you need them.