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Simpsons Crossword Instructions

Simpsons Crossword is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Click on clues or boxes in the grid to select them. Double-click on the first square of a word in the grid to toggle between across and down. Use the keyboard to input your answers.

Simpsons Crossword Walkthrough

Do you consider yourself a die-hard fan of the famous animated series, "The Simpsons"? Are you a fan of crossword puzzles? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you should give Simpsons Crossword a try! Simpsons Crossword is a crossword puzzle game with thirty challenging questions that only true Simpsons fans will know!

The objective of Simpsons Crossword is to fill in all of the words on the grid using clues given on the right side of the screen. The basic rules of crossword puzzles apply; some answers run horizontally (across) while others run vertically (down). Each time that you play this word game, the layout of the grid is changed, giving the game some replay value. The clues and questions remain the same, however.

Simpsons Crossword uses the mouse and the keyboard as input devices. Click on a box in the grid to select that answer. Double-click on the first box in a down answer to alternate between answering the across answer and the down answer. You may also click on the clue to select an answer. The keyboard is used to input your solutions. When a correct answer is given in this word game, a chime will ring and the answer will be highlighted in dark yellow.

Simpsons Crossword is quite a challenge, even for Simpsons fans! Some of the clues are obscure and would take a few days of watching Simpsons episodes back-to-back (or simply Googling) to give the correct answers. To overcome this difficulty, fill in the blanks of questions that you know are correct. If enough letters from these answers cross into others, additional answers may become easier for you to fill in. If you get stuck you can click the solve button to fill in the puzzle, but unfortunately, this takes away the fun of the game since individual solutions to answers cannot be given in this word game.

Simpsons Crossword is a crossword puzzle game with no bells and whistles. Fans of the series will enjoy this word game, but it could have been improved with some graphics from the series or Homer's signature "Doh!" when giving incorrect answers.