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Spellbound Instructions

Spellbound is controlled by using the mouse or the keyboard. Click on letters to spell words, then click the "Enter Word" button to submit the word. Click on the "Clear Word" button or "Backspace" button to correct errors. You may also use your keyboard the type in answers, using the enter key to submit your answer, and the backspace key to correct errors.

Spellbound Walkthrough

Spellbound is a challenging word game that will put your brain to the test! This word game features decent graphics, simple controls, and formidable gameplay.

The objective of Spellbound is to spell as many words as you can using the letters presented to you in each round. You are given two minutes to spell out as many words on each round as you can. There is no explicit way to lose, and you will automatically be taken to the next round after the two minutes have passed, even if you did not manage to spell any words at all. There are three rounds in total in this word game.

In order to score big in Spellbound, it is good to spell long words if possible, since longer words reward a greater quantity of points than shorter words. You are presented with eight letters at the beginning of each round in this word game, one of which (the yellow letter) will be removed once used. Since you can only use the yellow letter once, it is best to attempt to use it to spell the longest word that you can. If you cannot manage to spell a long word with the yellow letter, be sure to at least spell something with it because spelling words that use the yellow letter provides double the usual score.

Speed is also rewarded in Spellbound. The faster you input words, the greater your score will be. To help you to input words faster, I suggest you to use the keyboard controls. It is much faster to to type in the words in comparison to the more cumbersome mouse controls. If you are a proficient typist, you rack up points much faster than you could using the keyboard instead of the mouse in this word game.

Spellbound may not have fancy effects, but they are not necessary, since the gameplay is what makes this word game. If you want to exercise your mind and test your vocabulary, then Spellbound is the perfect game for you!