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SwizzlePop! Instructions

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to form words from letters provided. Submit word by double clicking the last letter of the word with the left mouse button. Press 'p' to pause the game.

SwizzlePop! Walkthrough

Based on Boggle, SwizzlePop is point and click based word game that challenges you to make as many words as you can to get the number of points you need to get to the next level while not allowing letter bombs to blow up and end your game. You start with three hearts - shown at the top right of your screen - which represent how many lives you have. Every time a letter bomb explodes, you lose a life. Naturally, when you run out of all three lives, your game is over. That is the real challenge of the game. Luckily, you will have chances throughout the game to earn back lost lives as well as collect bonuses and utilize directional letters that will open up more moves. This game offers everything a fan of word games could ever ask for.

The basic premise of SwizzlePop is really a premise any fan of word games has seen before. The rules aren't really that unique either. All the letters you use for a word have to either be touching on one side horizontally or vertically or by one corner diagnally. Words have to be at least three letters long. All letters must form a valid word with plural words and past tense forms being accepted but not proper names or place names. Pretty standard stuff. The difference with this game is that you have those hearts you need to preserve and exploding letters that will take those hearts from you. Letters bombs are clearly marked with, surprisingly, a bomb icon. They appear anywhere on the game board so keep an eye out for them. You have to remove them before the explode by using them in a word. That can be fairly easy or extremely difficult depending on the letters surrounding the bomb. If you lose hearts, you can try to get them back by using letters with a heart icon in a word. Each heart letter you use in a word will give you one heart. Also keep an eye out for arrow letters. These letters will shift the letters in whatever direction the arrow on them is pointing. This can be a great way to open up more moves for yourself if you are running low. In addition to these helpful letters, there are two types of point bonus letters. Silver colored letters will give you double the word points for any word you use them in. Gold colored letters will give you triple the word points for any word you use them in. Using these letters is a great way to increase your score and move to the next level more quickly. In addition, bigger words mean bigger point scores, so make bigger words as often as you can. One of the best ways to get longer words is to add 'ed', 'er', 'es' 'en' or 's' to a word if the letters are available and if adding those letters will create a valid word. Just pay attention to the letters surrounding the last letter of the word. 'Tune' can easily turn into 'tuner', 'tuned' or 'tunes' giving you a better score.

Fading letters are likely the most unique addition to SwizzlePop and make the game much more difficult. Keep an eye on fading tiles and use them as quickly as possible. As they fade more and more they come closer to disappearing. Keep that in mind when you're using them in a word. Don't waste time. The word you had one moment may no longer be there if you don't hurry. Faded letters also run the risk of turning into bombs which is definitely not something you want. If at all possible, use any fading letters you see right away to minimize how many bombs appear on the screen. If you have more than one bomb on the screen, go for the easiest ones to remove first.

One of the best ways to get a high score in SwizzlePop is to focus on getting rid of the majority of the bombs and the ones that are easier to remove even if it means you have to sacrifice one of your hearts. Remember, you can get those hearts back. Use the word bonus tiles as often as possible, get rid of fading letters as much as possible and make the biggest words you can make. This game is definitely one of the best word games online simply because it has such wide appeal. It isn't as high intensity as other word games so beginners should be able to enjoy it without feeling overwhelmed but it isn't so easy that experienced players won't enjoy it as well. All around, this is a great game any fan of word games needs to play at least once.