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SwizzlePop! - Whirled Instructions

Select letters using the mouse and the left mouse button. Submit words byy double clicking the last letter with the left mouse button on hitting the 'enter' key on your keyboard.

SwizzlePop! - Whirled Walkthrough

SwizzlePop - Whirled is one of the most entertaining and engrossing word games online. Based loosly on the classic word game, Boggle, SwizzlePop throws in some neat little twists and turns to make the game a little more exciting for a new generation of word game players. The game uses the same basic controls as other similar games and follows the same rules. The basic premise is more or less the same as well. Your goal is to get the required number of points to progress to the next level by making words out of adjoining letters. To make a word, the letters need to be touching either on one side or diagonally on one corner. As you click on letters to form words, those letters will appear at the bottom of the game grid so you can see what letters you've already collected. The letters you have clicked will also turn red. It sounds pretty simple, right? It definitely won't take long for anyone used to playing this sort of point and click word game to get used to how the game is played, but beginners might have a bit of trouble picking it up right away. Give it time. It doesn't take long to get the hang of it.

Instead of having a set time limit to find as many words as you can on the game grid, SwizzlePop - Whirled offers hearts. Run out of hearts and your game is over. You can see how many hearts you have left by looking at the top right of your screen. You lose these hearts by failing to detonate bombs on your game grid before they explode. To detonate a bomb, you simply need to use the letter on the bomb in a word. That can be easy or that can be hard depending on the letter and that letters are surrounding it. The great thing about this game, though, is that you have the chance to win back hearts that you lose. If you see a letter with the image of a heart on it and you're able to use that letter in a word, you will gain an extra life. This game also offers several bonuses throughout the game that can help you get a higher score. Use a silver colored letter in a word and your score will be doubled for that word. Use a gold colored letter in a word and your score will be tripled for that word. If you are running out of moves and need to shift letters on the grid to open more, look for letters with arrows. Using a letter with an arrow on it will shift the letters in the direction the arrow is pointing.

To make the game a little more difficult, SwizzlePop - Whirled has added fading letters. These letters should be used as quickly as possible as these letters disappear and could potentially turn into bombs. One or two bombs won't cause many problems and are usually fairly easy to deal with, but any additional bombs can cause quite a problem. The best idea is to use the letters in danger of exploding sooner first. Letters will turn bright red just before they explode. Focus on getting rid of these bombs, shifting the letters if necessary first. You'll have a little bit of time to deal with the other bombs. Getting rid of fading letters as fast as possible is a great way to minimize the amount of bombs you have to deal with and will make the game a lot less stressful.

Overall, SwizzlePop - Whirled is an excellent online word game that will keep you playing level after level. As the game progresses it gets much more difficult, but with a little practice you should have no problem getting a great score. Remember to focus on getting rid of the fading letters and the bombs that are in immediate danger of exploding. Collect hearts to replenish the ones you've lost and you'll do great at this game - and have a great time playing it.