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Target Words Instructions

To move balloon up use 'w' or up arrow key. To move balloon down use 's' or down arrow key. Aim your shot using the mouse. Fire your shot using the left mouse button.

Target Words Walkthrough

Target Words is an excellent point and click word game that will have you striving to beat all sixty levels. The story is fun, the graphics are entertaining and the game is reasonably difficult. Some word game enthusiasts will find the game a little too easy, but with plenty of bonuses to collect to try to get a high score and lots of new challenges popping up all the time, this game offers more than enough to keep even the most experienced player hooked. At the same time, the game never becomes so difficult that a newcomer to the genre feels overwhelmed or frustrated to the point of giving up. Instead, newcomers will feel challenged to beat each level and see what the next level holds. The premise is simple. The rules are easy to understand. The game is entirely addictive and far too much fun to miss. This game could very easily be on of the best word games online.

In Target Words, your goal is to collect letters to fill boxes at the bottom of thescreen. You collect letters by popping balloons with letters on them as they fall from the top of the screen. When you have the correct word, you will advance to the next level. You will get bonus points if you have multiples of any of the letters in the word. For example, if the word was 'cat' and you collected 3 c's, you would get bonus points for the two extra c's. There are also several power ups you can collect as you play. They fall from balloon the same way letters do. The box with the clock image on it is, appropriately enough, the time box. This will increase the amount of time you have remaining to complete the level. The gold colored box is the gold box. The gold box gives you bonus points. The box with the red cross on it is the live box. The live box gives you an extra life. All of these bonuses can help you get much further in the game and are definitely worth trying to collect.

As you progress in Target Words the levels get much more difficult. In the beginning, the letter balloons fall fairly slowly and you often get the letters you need right away because there aren't as many extra letters dropped. This allows you the chance to get used to how the game is played and get used to using the controls. Later in the game, though, the letters fall much more quickly and several extra letters are dropped making it much more difficult to get to the letters you need. Add to that the introduction of crows which appear from the bottom of the screen and move rather quickly to the top. These crows throw stones which you need to avoid. If one of the stones thrown by one of the crows hits your balloon you will lose a life. Getting hit by a stone by a brown crow will cost you one life, a stone from a purple crow will cost you two lives and a stone from a black crow will cost you three lives. You'll be introduced to the brown crows first, then purple, then black. This allows you to learn how to avoid stones and take out the crows before they even have the chance to throw a stone at you. You can hit them with stones of your own which will stun them and prevent them from throwing their stones. Aim and shoot at crows the same way you would aim and shoot at letter or bonus balloons. The game adds another level of difficulty by adding new types of balloons as you play. There are three different types of balloons in all; single balloons, double balloons and triple balloons. You can pop single balloons with one shot while double balloons will need two shots and triple balloons will need three.

The fact that you are able to move your balloon in Target Words sets this game apart from many other word games online. This allows you to try to get better bonuses by hitting letters worth a high point score, collecting gold boxes, and avoiding birds. Because you can use either the arrows keys or the 'w' and 's' letter keys, a right handed or left handed player will have little problem being able to shoot and move their balloon at the same time. The more gold you collect in each level, the bigger level bonus you will get. In addition, if you complete the level quickly, you will get a bonus for all of the time left on the clock. Look for letters like 'z' that offer a high point score ('z' is worth 10 points), go for the gold boxes, make good use of the live and time power ups and avoid birds at all costs and you should be able to get a pretty decent score with this one. Take a few minutes to read the story. It will make beating the game even more fun. Can you complete all sixty levels and make it to the end of the game? Play this exciting, engrossing and incredibly addictive word game today to find out.