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That Word Game Instructions

Select letters with the mouse and the left mouse button. Deselect a letter by single clicking with the left mouse button or hitting 'backspace' on your keyboard. Submit your word by double clicking the last letter with the left mouse button or hitting 'enter' on your keyboard. Erase an entire word by hitting 'delete' on your keyboard. To pause the game, press 'p'.

That Word Game Walkthrough

That Word Game is without a doubt one of the best word games online. Loaded with options to make playing the game more convenient and filled with truly challenging levels, this game is one of the most addictive and engrossing word games you'll find on the internet. The great thing about this game is that aside from the entertaining main game, there are a variety of secondary games you can play that are each as addictive and fun as the main game. From the moment you start playing, you know you're playing a game that you're going to want to play again and again. The game never gets boring or old even though the graphics are about as plain and simple as graphics could possibly get. The game still looks and feels professional, it plays smoothly and it never stops being challenging. This is a game that will suck you and keep you playing game after game.

That Word Game is really five games rolled into one with the main game (the game you are taken to when you click 'play' on the main menu) called Endless. In this game you are challenged to make as many words of three to fifteen letters as you possibly can before your time runs out. Time is added to your clock as you make words. The bigger the word you make, the more points you get and the more time gets added to your clock. Parasites, the star shaped objects on your game screen, will make playing the game much more difficulty as they take up room that could be used by letters, which you could in turn use to make words. Make words with six or more letters to avoid a build up of parasites on your game screen. You'll also score much better if you focus on bigger words. A great way to make bigger words is to use the longer forms of the words if you have the letters available. 'Run' can turn into 'running' and to qualify as a six letter word.

That Word Game provides the player with four challenges you can choose to partake in if you have had your fill on the main game. 10 Minutes to Midnight challenges you to make as many words as you can and get the highest score you can get in only ten minutes. Pit Cleaner challenges you to remove all of the letters from the game screen. There are no parasites in this mode of play and you do not have to worry about a time limit. Ladder challenges you to use all of the letters on the game screen to make a word. This level is great for beginners but keep in mind, the difficulty increases. Alphabet Soup is one of the most unique modes in the game; challenging you to find the alphabet in order as quickly as you can. Be warned, the 'q' can be a little tricky to find depending on how it's laying. Each of these challenges offers something different. Experienced word game players who are looking for a challenge will love 10 Minutes to Midnight and Ladder while newcomers will be able to hone their skills and get used to the controls of the game in Pit Cleaner. Pit Cleaner is quite difficult, but without the time limit and the parasites, it offers a more relaxed pace. All of these game play options can be found under 'Challenges' on the game's main menu. If you should choose you would rather just play the game, you can choose 'Back to Menu' and choose 'Play'. If you click on the wrong mode of play you can choose 'Cancel, Nevermind' and return to the previous screen. For example, say you click on 10 Minutes to Midnight and you wanted to choose Pit Cleaner, click 'Cancel, Nevermind' and return to the 'Challenges' screen again to choose Pit Cleaner. You also have the option of playing without ever seeing hints again. All of these options make the game much more convenient to play and set this game apart from many other word games online.

Overall, That Word Game is one of the best word games online simply for the options it offers. The different modes of play offer something for everyone making the game not only one of the best word games but one of the most accessible as well. Anyone can enjoy it regardless of skill or experience level. This is an addictive and fun word game that any fan of the genre should play at least once.