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The Wizard's Notebook Instructions

Keyboard to type out word, backspace to delete, left and right arrow keys to move, up arrow key to jump. Mouse to select where typed words appear

The Wizard's Notebook Walkthrough

In The Wizard's Notebook, you are a stick man trying to reach the princess and save her. However, with the help of imminently appearing text, you can do that! In the Wizards Notebook, you must type out text with your keyboard to solve puzzles to reach the start in each level.

Certain words like water, fire, and cat turn into real objects that interact with the world. Words that do not serve as a square platform (though you do not see it). This game relies on certain words to be used, which severely inhibits creativity. Words that have special words in them will be used even if they're part of another. For instance, tsunami, though it does not work, will recognize the word sun and create a sun for you.

The movement scheme is very finicky; you can fall off and be frustrated for hours on end. When trying to jump while moving forwards or backwards, it's important to either jump early, or stop, jump then move. It does not recognize the use of dual keys too quickly, which will hopefully solve some frustration.

Despite the backspace key being advertised as deleting a word, your best bet is to write over it. It is difficult to select the letter you wish to remove for some reason, so be sure to select the letter before it and write over it with the correct one, or use space.

The creativity with this game is astounding, though it would have been very nice to see some more common words being brought to life. As a word game, you will have a great time playing through this.