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Wacky Wordsearch Instructions

Wacky Wordsearch is controlled by using the mouse. Click on the first letter of a word and drag. When you have reached the end of a word, release your mouse button.

Wacky Wordsearch Walkthrough

Wacky Wordsearch is a word game that randomly generates a field of words and a list of words to look for each time that you play. No more having to buy puzzle magazines, since you can enjoy Wacky Wordsearch for free in the comfort of your home or office!

If you are familiar with word search puzzles that appear in newspapers, magazines, and other printed media, then Wacky Wordsearch should come easy for you. Your objective in this word game is to find all of the words given in the list on the right of the screen. Words may run horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or even backwards. You are timed in Wacky Wordsearch, so try to find all of the words before your five minutes runs out!

You score twenty points for each word you find in Wacky Wordsearch, and you are penalized five points for each incorrect guess. If you find a word that is a real word in the English language, but not on the list of words to the right, then do not select it because you will still be penalized! Your ambition will be duly noted, but there are no bonus points to be earned this way!

If you have played many word searches, then you probably have your own style of playing. I personally prefer to search for the shorter words first, then finish with the longest words. To search for words in word search games, I look for the first letter of each word, then look at the letters adjacent to the first. Also, if I come across an English word while search for another, I will check to see if it is on the list of words. If it is, I will circle it. If it is not, I continue my search (remember, you do not want to circle words that are not on the list or you will be docked five points in this word game!).

Wacky Wordsearch is a great word game for passing five minutes of time. This word search game is great for coffee breaks or downtime while working on the computer.