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Wheel of Fortune Instructions

Wheel of Fortune is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Spin the wheel by clicking on it. Select letters by clicking on them. Solve puzzles by typing in the words.

Wheel of Fortune Walkthrough

Wheel of Fortune is a word game that is similar to the famous television show of the same name. This Flash version of the classic American TV show does not feature Pat Sajak or Vanna White, but it does feature a variety of challenging puzzles and the ability to play with up to three human players at the same computer.

If you are familiar with the rules of the television show, then there is not much for you to learn in order to play the Flash version of Wheel of Fortune. Spin the wheel if you you want to guess a consonant. If you guess correctly, the letter will be revealed and you will score the number of points that the pointer landed on times the number of instances of that letter in the puzzle, and your turn will continue. If you guess incorrectly, then your turn ends. If you land on bankrupt, however, you will lose all of the money that you gained in the current round. In order to buy vowels, simply click on the vowel that you wish to guess instead of spinning the wheel. Vowels cost $250. If you think that you can solve the puzzle, then click on the solve button and type your answer into the field. When the complete phrase has been solved, then you will advance to the next round.

Wheel of Fortune is a decent word game, but there are a few things that it lacks. Firstly, sound would be a great addition to this word game. Secondly, it would have been nice if Vanna White appeared to turn the letters as she does on the TV show. Finally, there are no vacations to Hawaii, sports cars to win, or anyone yelling "big money, big money!" when you spin the wheel, but these are just minor setbacks and can be expected from a Flash game.

Despite its shortcomings, Wheel of Fortune is still a great Flash word game. Don't worry; you can still yell "big money" yourself when you click the wheel; just don't do it if you are playing this word game in the office!