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Whiz Words Instructions

Whiz Words is controlled by using the mouse. Click on tiles to spell out the given word.

Whiz Words Walkthrough

Whiz Words is a word game that is appropriate for players of all ages. This word game features neat graphics, catchy music, and brisk gameplay.

The objective of Whiz Words is to click on the appropriate tiles to spell the word that is given at the bottom of the screen before time runs out. Spelling each word correctly will increase your score, reset the timer, and move you on to the next word. On the first level of this word game, you must spell three-letter words. Each subsequent level will have you spelling words that are an additional letter in length. When all of the words on a level have been completed, you will advance to the next level of this word game. The game is over when the timer reaches zero, so you'll have to be quick with your mouse!

Whiz Words is a very easy game to control, so players young and old can enjoy it. To spell a word, simply click on the appropriate tiles. You must click the tiles in order. Clicking on the tiles in the wrong order does not result in a penalty, but may waste valuable time. The timer counts down from ninety-nine, but these are ninety-nine game ticks, not seconds (you actually have about eight seconds to spell each word in this word game, if my estimation was correct).

Since the words that you must spell are assigned to you, Whiz Words does not test creativity or vocabulary. This word game will test your memory, speed, and concentration, however. As you progress through the levels, various powerups and powerdowns will be introduced. These items may increase or decrease your time, provide bonus points, unlock a bonus level, or cause some other effect. Powerups and powerdowns are displayed on the back of the letter tiles before each round, so remembering where each item is may help you in mastering this puzzle game.

Whiz Words is a word game that can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages. See how far you can get, and become a word wizard in Whiz Words!