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Word Bump Instructions

Word Bump is controlled by using the mouse. Click on tiles and click submit to make words up to eight letters.

Word Bump Walkthrough

Word Bump is a fun word game presented by Gaia Online. Word Bump features colorful graphics, various powerups, and simple gameplay.

The objective of Word Bump is to bump all of the golden letters to the top row. In order to do this, your must form words and remove the tiles above each golden letter. An arrow to the left of the screen indicates when the next drop will occur. When this arrow fills, letters will drop from the top of the screen, pushing the letters in each column down by one row. If you allow one of the golden tiles drop below the board, then you will lose this word game.

Some levels of Word Bump can be very challenging, but others are so easy that they can be beaten in seconds. To quickly beat a level, try to spell words by using letters from the rows above the golden letters. As you progress in this word game, you may realize that the letters often start out the same. I was able to beat the first five levels by making the exact same moves. It would have been nice had the developers of Word Bump randomized the starting letters better, or if the golden letters started at a lower position on the board in later levels.

Word Bump features three powerups that can be helpful, but are not absolutely necessary to use given the ease of the game. In order to produce powerups, spell words using the different colored tiles. When enough colored tiles have been used to make a powerup, a ball will be placed below the playing field. Powerups are used by hovering your mouse below the row that you wish to apply the powerup to, and clicking. These powerups are not explained in Word Bump's instructions, so I will do my best to explain them here. The yellow powerup bumps the two letters horizontally-adjacent to the golden letter. If there are golden letters to the left or right of the tile, then they will be moved up one row. The blue powerup knocks out letters diagonally adjacent to the golden tile in the row that it is applied to, so it is best to apply this powerup to the center column. Finally, the red powerup causes the a golden tile to rise if an adjacent column rises. You may only have one powerup at a time, so creating powerups of other colors will cause a powerup to become a mixed color, and have the properties of all of the colors that are mixed in.

Word Bump is a fun word game, but occasionally it lacks challenge. If you want a simple word game that is easy to play, then Word Bump is the game for you, but if you want something more challenging, it might not keep your interest for very long.