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Word Burst Instructions

Word Burst is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag on letters in the grid to select words and collect them in your word jar.

Word Burst Walkthrough

Word Burst is a word search game unlike any other. Word burst features fun audio, simple controls, and mentally-engaging gameplay!

The objective of Word Burst is to fill up your word jar and advance to the next level before the timer runs out, scoring points along the way. If you are familiar with word search games, then Word Burst will not be so difficult for you. Unlike most word searches, however, you are not given a list of words that you must find. Instead, any valid English word will count in your favor. Another thing that makes this word game different from conventional word searches is that you are not restricted to finding words running in one direction; you may select any group of letters to form words as long as you do so in the correct order, and the next letter that you drag your mouse over is adjacent to the previous one. To help you in spelling words, the current word that you are spelling is displayed in the upper-right side of the game's interface.

To submit a word in Word Burst, simply release your mouse button after selecting at least three letters. If the word is valid, the letters will be removed from the field and the water level of the word jar will be increased. If you misspell a word or submit an invalid word, there will be no changes to the field or the word jar. This word game does not invoke a score penalty for invalid words.

Word Burst also features four special letter balls. Black bombs clear their entire row when used in a word, and gray bombs remove all similar letters on the grid when included in a word. Orange-colored letter balls provide bonus points when used in a valid word. The final special letter ball is the devil ball. The devil ball is pure evil, and does not provide any special bonus when used in a word, but if you allow it to get to the bottom of the grid then this word game will end prematurely for you!

Word Burst is a refreshing word search game and a great form of mental exercise. If you want a unique and challenging word game experience, then be sure to give Word Burst a try!