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Word Chain Instructions

Word Chain is controlled by using the mouse. Click on the letter of the word that you would like to change, then click on the letter that you would like to change it with.

Word Chain Walkthrough

Word Chain is a fast-paced word game that will put your mental dexterity to the test. Word Chain features simple graphics, easy controls, and a user-friendly interface.

The objective of Word Chain is to form as many words as you can before time runs out. In order to form words in this word game, you must first click on the letter that you wish to change in the word, then click on the letter in the letter pad that you wish to change the selected letter to. You may only change one letter in the word at a time, and when changing letters, the new word that you create must be a valid word of the English language. This action will create a "chain" of words, hence the name of the game, "Word Chain". Each link of the chain must be unique in this word game, however, because you are not allowed to use a word more than once.

Scoring in Word Chain is simple. The score that you receive for each word that you spell is given by the sum of the values of each letter (displayed at the bottom of each letter tile in the word) added to the time bonus all multiplied by the multiplier. To increase the multiplier, you must turn on all of the lights above the letter tiles in the word. The light above a tile will illuminate when you successfully change the letter below it, so it pays to try to change all of the tiles if you can instead of changing the single tile all of the time!

There is no score penalty for spelling invalid words in this word game, but doing so will turn off all of the lights about your word, reset your multiplier, and waste precious time! If you absolutely cannot chain a new word to your current word, you may click on the back arrow at the lower-right of the letter pad. Doing so will not reset the timer, and will cost you the points earned for each word removed, but may allow you to stay in the game by chaining new words that will not put you at a dead end.

Word Chain is an intense word game that will challenge your ability to quickly form words. I was able to score points. If you think that you can do better, find out by playing Word Chain!