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Word Craft Instructions

Word Craft is controlled by using the keyboard or the mouse. Click on letters to form words, then click the submit button to submit them. You my also type in words using your keyboard and submit them by using the enter key.

Word Craft Walkthrough

Word Craft is a challenging word game with a Halloween theme. Although it may not be the Halloween season, Word Craft is still a solid and challenging word game with detailed background graphics and simple controls.

The objective of Word Craft is to score as many points as possible by spelling words created by the bubbles that are present on screen. This word game ends after five minutes have passed, or if the bubbles reach the top of the screen. Each time your form a word, the highlighted bubbles that you use will pop, so it is best to use bubbles in columns that are close to reaching the top of the screen if you want to lengthen your time of play.

Word Craft only accepts words from the English language. You must form words using the bubbles provided. Bubbles with stars in them may be used to represent any vowel ("Y" counts as a consonant). You are only allowed to use words once per game, and words that have previously been used will be added to the word list on the left side of the screen. Contractions, abbreviations, and most proper nouns (such as names of people, places, months, etc.) are not accepted in this word game.

Each round of Word Craft has its own theme. Special words pertaining to this theme are displayed above the word list. Spelling a special word rewards you with bonus points, and more bubbles will be popped, allowing you to potentially stay in the game longer. Since spelling special words pops more bubbles than the ones used to spell your word, I advise you to save these words for situations where the bubbles are about to reach the top of the playing field. Although the bonus points may be appealing, popping extra bubbles may remove letters that could be used to spell more words.

You may control Word Craft using the mouse or the keyboard. I advise using the keyboard, especially on later levels, since bubbles will rapidly be added to the stage and you will need to input words as quickly as possible. If you decide to use the keyboard, remember that using the backspace clears the entire word, not just the previous letter that you input. Regardless of the control-scheme that you choose, you may only input letters from bubbles that are on the playing field. You may not use letters that are just coming up to the playing field from the cauldron.

Word Craft is a great word game that will challenge your ability to quickly form words. This puzzle game is a great exercise in quick thinking and vocabulary skill!