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Word Cube Instructions

Word Cube is controlled by using the mouse. Click on a letter to begin forming a word. Click on adjacent letters to add them to the word. Click on "Remove Last Letter" to remove letters from your word. Click on the "Add Word" button to submit the word to your list.

Word Cube Walkthrough

Word Cube is a straightforward word game that is excellent for practicing the lexicon of the English language. This word game features simple controls, great graphic, and minimal audio.

The goal of Word Cube is to form as many valid words before time runs out. This word game starts players off with five minutes to spell words, but extra time can be earned by submitting words that are four or more letters in length. All words that are submitted must be valid words of the English language at least three letters in length. Most slang terms and proper nouns are invalid and should be avoided.

Word Cube uses mouse-only controls. Click on letters on the cube to add them to the word that you are spelling. If you make a mistake, click on the button labeled "Remove Last Letter". Once you are ready to submit your word, click on the button labeled "Add Word" to submit the word and add it to the list. Words that are on the list cannot be used again for the duration of the game. Unfortunately, the cube cannot be rotated, so if you find yourself unable to form new words with the available letters, you will have to wait until time runs out or refresh your page that start the word game from its beginning.

Word Cube has a great premise, but it is lacking in some aspects. As previously stated, players cannot rotate the cube to uncover new letters. It should also be noted that blocks in the cube are removes after their letters have been used about five times. This can leave players unable to form words, especially when vowels are removed. Since there is no quit button in this word game, players may find themselves refreshing their browsers so that they do not have to wait for the timer to tick down to zero in order to start a new game.

Word Cube is a fun word game, but it can be frustrating at times. If you have lots of patience and enjoy word games, then you may like Word Cube, but if you have little patience, then you should avoid this one. It is a pity since just a bit more work by the development team would have made Word Cube an exceptional word game.