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Word Freak Instructions

Circle words by clicking and dragging with the mouse and the left mouse button.

Word Freak Walkthrough

Word Freak is an incredible online word game centered around the basic premise you would get with any word find game. The rules are fairly simple to understand and so are the controls. Your goal is to find all of the words in the word list shown on the right of your screen in the time you are given. Your time increases for each level, depending on how many words you are able to successfully find and how fast you find them. If you run out of time before you find all of the words, you will be taken to the next screen and given a new word list. The number of words you have to find increases with each level. It definitely isn't an easy game, but it's far too much fun not to play.

The words you are challenged to find in Word Freak will vary from short three letter words to much longer than that. Some of the words you will be asked to find will stretch across the entire screen either across the top, sides or diagonally. Words will always be in a straight line but may appear either from left to right or right to left. The real trick for finding longer words is to look for groupings of letters as opposed to looking just for the first few. For example, if you are given the word 'condemnation' look for 'nation' or 'condemn'. You might also consider looking for 'demna' chances are if you find those letters you will find your word. For shorter words, try looking for the last two letters first. For example, if you are given the word 'fox' look for 'ox'. This doesn't really work for all short words though. Something with more common letters like 'and' will be more difficult to find as there will likely be several a's, n's and d's. Try looking for the word as a whole.

Overall, Word Freak is an excellent word game that will keep you playing level after level. Even those that are more experienced with word games will find a decent challenge in trying to beat the clock. Remember though, be careful clicking and dragging to circle the words you find. Mistakes subtract from your overall score. If you are looking for a challenging, addictive yet easy to understand word game with controls you can use without trouble, this game is definitely worth checking out.