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Word Grid Instructions

Mouse to select options and powerups. Left click letters to select and deselect. Keyboard to shortcut letters, and enter to submit.

Word Grid Walkthrough

This word game is exactly like a word search; only with cool, hip, and rad new features. Word Grid takes the fun of word hunting and makes it a competitive race for the time. You must create words from the tiles that are adjacent or diagonal to each other. The list of valid words comes from dictionary.com, which is quite standard with word games nowadays.

Word Grid has the unique function of allowing you to use words on the other side of the board; for instance, if you have a letter on the very right of the board, the letter on the very left on the same row is considered adjacent as well. This also applies diagonally, allowing you a whole lot of freedom in word construction.

If you get stuck, often times a good strategy is spamming or just typing out three letter words and seeing if they are valid. It works surprisingly well, as the game tells you if you can play that word, and auto selects the correct on the board for you if it is. That means you can completely avoid using the mouse for letter selection.

There are a couple of powerups that you can use to assist. Bomb, which destroys a single letter for setting up longer words, swap for swapping letters anywhere in the board, shuffle for completely changing the board, and color for editing a block for color point bonuses. Bomb is very useful, and the most readily available powerup. You will want to make use of this when you see a letter you need but you cannot reach it in one tile. Swap is better for long distance letters. Shuffle is only useful if you simply cannot find a good letter, or you're plagued with too many of the sames (e.g a mess of Q's in a section). Color is excellent if you can recognize how the scoring system is done, so use it accordingly.

Word Grid has a very nice way of getting you extra points. For instance, "narrow line" gives you an additional 30 points for using letters all in the same line, and "only blues" gives you more points for using, well, only blue letters. Almost any word you use has some bonus attached to it, giving the game a much better feel.