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Word Kingdom Instructions

Collect letters for words, submit words and build items using the mouse and the left mouse button.

Word Kingdom Walkthrough

Word Kingdom is one of the most involved and wildly entertaining word games online simply because it takes the time to really develop a premise and theme that draws and holds you attention. The goal of the game is to build your kingdom by collecting resources. You start the game with no resources which you can see at the center of the top of the game sceen. There is a place for food, wood, stone and gold. If you want to build your kingdom, you'll need to collect resources. To collect resources, you need to look at the game grid at the bottom left of your game screen. You'll see different colored tiles with letters on them. Each different color rewards you with a different resource. Red gives you food, brown gives you wood, gray gives you stone and gold gives you gold. On the right of your screen, you'll see your mission. You need to complete your mission to advance to the next level. Sometimes your mission will be to collect a certain number of a certain type of resource. Other times, you mission will be to build something for your kingdom. Regardless of what your mission is, you will not be able to complete the level and move on until you have completed your mission.

In Word Kingdom, collecting resources is the cornerstone of the game. You need to have resources if you hope to get anywhere in the game. To collect resources make words of three letters or more using the letter tiles in the game grid. Click on each letter in the word you would like to make and then click the green checkmark on the right side of the grid. If you aren't sure you have clicked on the right letters or think you might have the letters in the right order, the letters are shown on a panel above the grid. If you have done something incorrectly or there is a better word you would like to make, click the red 'x' and all of the letters will be removed. If everything is right and you've clicked the green checkmark, you will get resources for each letter you used. You will get bonus points for longer words so try to make your words as long as you can. Once the word has been submitted, the letter tiles you used will be replaced by new ones. Keep making words until you have the resources you need or until you've met your mission for the level and are ready to move forward.

The greatest thing about Word Kingdom is that is doesn't stop at making words and collecting points like most online word games. With this game, you get to go one step further and actually use the resources you collect to build things for your kingdom. To build things for your market you will need to click on the build icon on the right side of your page and then select the item you would like to build. You can build a market, a blacksmith shop, a magic guild, a barrack, an archery school, a stable and upgrade your castle. When you click on the item you would like to build, you will be shown the resources you need to collect to build that item as well as a brief description of what the building does. For example, building a market will allow you to trade resources, an archery school allows you to train and use archers, and the stable allows you to trade and use calvary units. All of these buildings can be upgraded as well and make the game much easier to play - not to mention much more enjoyable. To build certain items, you will need to meet certain requirements. When you click on the item, get its description and see what resources you need to build it, you may notice that the 'Build' option is not available. This likely means you haven't upgraded your blacksmith far enough or haven't yet built your blacksmith shop. If that's the case, you'll see a message beside the 'build' button telling you what you need to do to unlock that building.

Once you have your buildings contructed in Word Kingdom, it's time to start defending your kingdom. To begin, you will need to train your men. Click on the 'Train' icon, which is right beside you build icon on the right side of the game screen. You will see all of the different soldiers you can train. You will need resources to train your soldiers and some will require you to have certain buildings built and upgraded to a certain level. Take the time to train a proper, well rounded army or you won't be able to defend yourself. If you castle is destroyed you will need to start the level over. Once your soldiers are trained you will wait for your enemy to begin attacking. Defend youself against their attack by clicking on the 'Attack' icon beside the training icon. Clicking on the training icon will take you to the screen that shows you what soldiers you have trained as well as numbers to change the strength of their attack. The arrows and numbers below each type of soldier does not represent how many of that soldier you will be attacking with. Each number represents the strength of the attack of one individual soldier. Adjust the force you want one of your soldiers to attack with, click attack and, if you choose to attack with more than one soldier, select the strength of their attack and click attack again. For example, say you have four hit points to use for swordsmen and you want to release two swordsmen with an attack strength of two hit points each. Click on the arrows below the swordsmen until the number shows two. Click attack. Do the same for the second swordsmen. You will now see two swordsmen attacking from your castle who are each able to inflict two damage points on your enemy.

Overall, Word Kingdom offers something for every type of online game fan. There are elements of word games, puzzle games, logic games, action games, strategy games and just about every other type of game. The graphics are basic but more than enough to hold your attention. There is a lot to take in when you first begin playing the game and the tutorial leaves a lot to be desired. Play the game for a little while though and you'll get the hang of it. Remember, while you are building, training and attacking keep building your resources. You will need them.