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Word Machine Instructions

The controls of Word Machine is very basic. You just need to use your keyboard to type in words and submit them. Nothng really mind boggling as far as controls go. BUT as you will see, the game IS very challenging at best...and mind racking at worst! Let's take a closer look at one of the best word games around - Word Machine...

Word Machine Walkthrough

Word Machine - if you are looking for word games that have nice graphics, one that steps up the challenge after every level, one that will keep the linguist in you fumbling for words, this is the game you are looking for! At every level, you need to find 3 words that start with the beginning letter. This is provided by the way. Your second word should include the first given letter and the next one. The last word should include the first given letters and the third one, which is indicated on the screen.

Here's an example: let's say the first letter is M. The first word could be any word starting with M (mom, master, muster, etc.) as long as it's valid and found in the dictionary. After entering your first word, another letter will appear. Let's say U is the letter. You need to enter a word starting with M but has the letter U in it: mug, muse, muggle, etc., these are the examples that quickly come to mind. Finally, a third letter appears: H let's say. Your final word should start with M and it also has to contain the letters U and H. The positions of the last 2 letters doesn't matter: mushy, matchup, mouthwash, these are just some of the examples.

I'm sure you can see now why Word Machine is one of the more addictive word games out there. Sometimes, a colored letter will appear. Include that in your word and you will bag a bonus that you can use later on: extra life, extra time, level reset without losing anything, etc. You can use the time and reset bonuses later. All you have to do is click on the indicators or press Space or Shift.

Tip: Every word of a letter also gives you points. Rare letters such as Z, K, W will give you MORE points than the more common ones such as A, E, etc. Just type in the word you want, enter it to check if its valid. With only 3 lives to begin with, this is also one of the more challenging word games you can lay your hands on.

I don't know about you BUT Word Machine is very identical to Clockwords...you can tell with the steam punk style it has! Now, this can only be a good thing. Clockwords is loved and well received by lovers of word games all over the globe. HOWEVER, in my opinion, Word Machine gets the edge especially in terms of pacing. After only a couple of levels, you start to feel the pressure of the time limit. If you can keep it up for 10 minutes or so and have a more than decent score, you are doing a great job!

It's NOT like Clockwords where the difficulty is more like a plateau. It just keeps going and going and going. Now, I'm not taking anything away from Clockwords, it's a fun game without a doubt. Also, that is NOT to say that Word Machine is perfect. It's NOT! There are some tweaks necessary (sometimes, no word would match despite the aid of dictionaries). BUT overall, it's one of the most solid, most challenging, and most fun word games you can ever lay your hands on.