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Word Magnate Instructions

Make words by clicking letter with the left mouse button on typing the words in using your keyboard. Buy the word by clicking the buy button or pressing 'enter' on your keyboard. Sell a word you've purchased by clicking on the word or retyping the word with your keyboard and then hitting enter. Remove the last letter in the word by hitting 'backspace'. Remove an entire word by hitting 'delete'.

Word Magnate Walkthrough

Word Magnate is a unique and engrossing word game that allows you to play using either your mouse or your keyboard. Regardless of which you choose to use, playing the game is likely going to take a little getting used to. Because this game is so different from most other words games online, you should expect a little trouble getting the hang of things in the beginning. Luckily the game is short (you can choose to play either two minute or five minute rounds) so playing a few games to give yourself a chance to understand what exactly is going on with the game and what you are being asked to do doesn't take that long at all. Once you figure the game out, you are treated to a wonderfully addictive and interesting game that dares to do something a little different.

The premise behind Word Magnate is rather simple. You are buying and selling words to try to make a little money. You are presented with a chart that shows you the performance of groups of letters. Use this chart to make smart decisions when choosing words to buy. Although you are able to play with your mouse, I would recommend typing the words in. Clicking on the letters takes quite a while and if you're looking for a high score, you just don't have the time to waste. Two minutes (or five minutes, if you prefer) goes by fairly quickly. On your chart you will see that the alphabet has been divided into groups and each group has either a green or a red bar above it. This tells you what that group of letters is worth. Choose to buy words composed of letters that are in the red. This doesn't deplete your money as quickly and allows you to turn a tidy profit if you wait to sell you words when they're back in the green.

In many ways, choosing when to sell your words is more important than choosing when to buy them in Word Magnate. Your word list is shown on the right side of the screen with the letters you've purchased shown in either green or red. If you buy the words when the letters are in the red chances are they will still be red by the time they get to your word list. Wait until the words turn green and then sell them. You'll make a decent profit if you time the sale right. This is really the best way to get a high score in the game.

Overall, Word Magnate is an excellent word game that offers something different in a genre where many of the games follow the same basic premise. You are challenged to think fast and use logic and common sense to make the smartest moves. The game isn't easy, but it isn't so difficult that you won't want to continue playing. Newcomers to word games will enjoy this game because it isn't as difficult as many of the other word games online, while experienced players will love the chance to do something out of the ordinary.