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Word Reactor Instructions

Mouse to move around and drag/select letters, enter key to initiate explosion

Word Reactor Walkthrough

In this cleverly designed physics word game, you are given a set of oddly shaped objects and told to form words to destroy them.

Word reactor is relatively difficult because the letters are profusely scattered in all sorts of directions, making it harder to string together a word. However, it's all part of the game. You have to get through letters that are both upside down and placed sideways. The only way to circumvent this is developing flash recognition, or using your mouse to drag the letters upright. However, that takes up time that you don't have.

In Word Reactor, to select letters you wish to use, you have to drag your mouse from one letter to the next. The shapes blocking them actually do not change anything; the physical letter itself is all that needs to be touched. It's like a game of electrical wire, you have to carefully select which letters you wish to string together or the whole thing will blow up. To make it easier, have your mouse on a lower sensitivity setting, as it will make things a lot smoother game-play wise.

Stringing longer words is tedious, and easy to mess up. Also, seeing a lot of X's and Z's may tend to scare you. Some words that can be easily created like Zoo, tax, max, maze, are good to remember.